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سائحة غرينة تنقد حياة تعرّض للغرق

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A Greek policeman was able to save the life of a child (4 years old), who was drowning in a swimming pool, and gave him first aid, which contributed to maintaining the stability of his vital signs until the ambulance arrived and provided the necessary medical support to return the child to his normal state.

And honored the executive director of the Dubai Ambulance Service, Meshaal Abdul Karim Jalfar, Al-Saiha Meroubi Bukovala, on the speed of disposal and dealing with the situation, confirming that the knowledge of the members of the community with some basic first aid can contribute to saving lives by dealing with it quickly, following that the safety of the community is a community responsibility It requires more efforts to spread the health culture as a special skill that can save lives in times of need and danger.

He called on members of the community to acquire knowledge in the field of first aid so that they can save the lives of those around them if necessary until they receive medical support. يتقونها على على العمان الصحي الجمعبي.

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