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10 procedures for preserving educational resources in school laboratories during the summer

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Dina Johnny (Dubai)

The Emirates Education Foundation has developed a set of procedures and mandated all public schools to follow them in order to preserve the educational resources of the school in the various laboratories. This comes within the framework of the foundation’s desire to effectively and efficiently manage educational resources and resources to ensure their activation and employment in the next academic year to support teaching and learning outcomes in accordance with safety and security procedures in the school environment during the summer holidays. The foundation pointed out that the management of resources and procedures is targeted, in addition to scientific laboratories, project and 3D printing rooms, learning resource centers, music and art laboratory, school storage rooms and others.
The foundation pointed out that 10 procedures were followed according to the nature and status of the educational resource available in the schools. For valid devices and tools, a label is prepared with the name of each device and tool in a clear font and stored securely in the safes intended to preserve the educational resources. Units and tools are classified according to the type, material and nature of the education. resource (tool, unit, training bag, consumables) and an inventory of training resources in laboratories is prepared. Scientific and other resource halls and learning resource centers through dedicated electronic links.
Regarding the damaged devices and tools that are intended to be lost according to the applicable systems and rules of the institution, the school administration or specialists must list the damaged devices and tools in the approved disposal form in cooperation with the head of the school service unit in the school, and send the withdrawal form approved by the internal assessment committee and the school administration via the person’s e-mail in the institution.
As for the chemicals, the safety and security requirements must be observed in their storage, with air conditioning set to automatic operation during the summer holidays, and ensure that the names, classification and storage of chemicals are kept safely in the chemical storage cabinets, as well as ensure that the procedures and instructions for environmental safety and security is located the Laboratory in the school, and finally to ensure the validity and effectiveness of the execution of fire extinguishing packages inside the laboratory.
The laboratory trustees coordinate with science teachers to prepare a plan for implementing science experiments in laboratories using the science resources available in the schools to support and develop science research skills and to provide spending needs from the school’s operating budget. Environmental, health and safety standards and laboratory uniforms are also adhered to for all targets.
Students perform scientific experiments in laboratories in a group system, so that the number of students performing experiments does not exceed 3 students in each group, and the results are monitored, analyzed and reported on. Among the obligations required by the school administration are the preparation of periodic reports to monitor the effectiveness of laboratories, approval of the number of classes implemented in laboratories in the school schedule and the formation of a team of outstanding students during activities to implement practical experiments and projects as assistants to laboratory specialists to support the fourth industrial revolution.
The Ministry of Education has equipped 3 laboratories in each primary school, whether developed or undeveloped, in addition to providing the necessary laboratory tools. In the absence of some resources, all specialists are trained in alternative scientific experiments that students can implement without affecting educational outcomes.


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