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145.8 thousand inquiries answered by “Fare’s” virtual Dubai Municipality within 6 months

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During the first half of this year, Dubai Municipality virtual employee “Fares” answered 145,855 inquiries and Dubai Municipality confirmed that it is in line with the Emirates National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031 and Dubai Smart Plan 2021.

Driven by its eagerness to provide services based on artificial intelligence solutions in a way that helps rationalize expenses, increase revenue and delight customers, the virtual employee system “Fares” was launched, which aims to delight customers by to provide immediate and consistent responses to customer inquiries.

Fares is characterized by its ability to learn and understand the needs of customers based on their queries, analyze them according to the available data and evaluate them and then make the necessary decision to respond and respond accurately and automatically as immediate responses are provided for all services.

Auto answer

“Fares” is considered a virtual employee of Dubai Municipality and he is intelligently trained to auto-reply to the audience via my channel (WhatsApp 800900, Dubai Municipality website, Dubai Municipality app) as the advantages of auto-reply is that it answers the audience’s questions interactively, in addition to It contains a main menu that contains (5) options.

The first option is the frequently asked questions, which provides information about Dubai Municipality branches and centers, what are the main communication channels with Dubai Municipality, public parks, changing housing tax data, how to apply for Dubai Municipality Card, as well as how to submit a proposal or a complaint about services and tasks Dubai Municipality, how to apply for electronic services, as well as land distribution.

The second option is Dubai Municipality services, and the express service connection was provided according to the service guide, a total of 170 services, then the third option is to submit reports and service requests: Reports and services are submitted, including 6 services and 95 reports, by entering customer data (customer name, number (contact me, my location number or share website link), eg: household bug spray, sewage withdrawal request, volumetric waste removal request, etc.

The fourth option is to track the status of the request: it is possible to track the status of messages and service requests that have been submitted, whether through contact, through the unified application or the smart employee “Fares”.

As for the fifth option, it is the calculation of housing charges, and the function of calculating monthly housing charges has been provided for the categories of owners and tenants, which are imposed by Dubai Municipality on the Dubai electricity and water bill.


Fares are characterized by saving time and effort by not having to call and wait, and no need to communicate with any employee, download an application or create any account.

Dubai Municipality confirmed that according to the government’s trends of using the latest technologies and advanced technology, Dubai Municipality has launched the virtual employee “Fares” through the Dubai Municipality website, the unified municipal application and WhatsApp channel 800900, which is available to most parts of community.



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