ChemutaiLedsKeitanyH-RAK18.JPGMary Keitany and Fancy Chemutai, battling for 21 kilometers, photo by Victah Sailer/PhotoRun

The RAK Half Marathon was billed as the world’s fastest half marathon. It is much more than that. It is one of those little gems that could handle much more growth, and would be a fast race, and a great vacation spot for runners who don’t want to take their families to just another big city marathon.

For now, let me tell you. The United Arab Emirates is a great vacation spot in January and February. In Ras Al Khaimah, the northern most of the Emirates, has built this race for twelve years now. The fields feature the finest runners from Kenya and Ethiopia.

Local runners, and ex patriots who live in the area make it extremely diverse. Athletes from 115 countries were here this year!

Check out this highlight video from the RAK Half Marathon from this year! It is exciting and inspiring, then go to and sign up for 2019! We will see you there!

Karoki_BedanFH-RAK18.JPGTo the victor, Bedan Karoki, wins 2018 RAK Half Marathon, photo by PhotoRun

Here’s the highlight video, courtesy of RAK Marathon!

[embedded content]


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