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4 tips for a stable married life

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Abu Dhabi (Etihad)
Support between spouses leads to respect and improves psychological and mental health, and the American educational platform Master Class explained that there are important tips to be a supportive partner, as this leads to the establishment of a stable relationship:
1- Listening: listening to your partner while maintaining eye contact and respecting his or her point of view.
2- Respect for privacy: It depends on your partner’s personality and it is better to ask him about his desire to be alone or if he needs you to be by his side for support and participation.
3- Attention: Even if your partner doesn’t have a problem or is having a hard time, that doesn’t stop you from making time for them to have meaningful conversations.
4- Balance: You will probably find it difficult to provide support to your partner if you feel that you lack attention to your needs from him, so you should pay attention to promoting your mental and physical health, as healthy relationships require balance , so that both partners feel supported.


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