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9-year-old Indian girl develops app, gets praised by Apple’s Tim Cook

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has praised a young Indian girl in Dubai for creating iOS software for iPhones.

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Hana Muhammad Rafeeq, now nine years old, calls herself “the youngest Apple iOS developer.” Hana has put forward web stories that seem to support her story, which Gulf News was unable to independently verify.

Apple’s CEO personally responded to her email detailing her app and other achievements with a heartfelt congratulations.

Hana claimed in an email to Cook, a copy of which was provided to Gulf News, that she had developed and launched an Apple mobile application at the age of eight.

“I was introduced to coding when I was five and it seems that I am the youngest in the world to achieve this. Plus, I almost avoided using any off-the-shelf codes, libraries, or third-party classes in my app. I have handwritten over 10,000 lines of codes for this app. Quick sample,” she wrote, sharing YouTube links to her works.

Hana gave more details about her, writing that she is an Indian girl, born and raised in the UAE.

“The reason for this writing is that my parents say I did something extraordinary and let the Apple leader know how passionate [I am] in technology, especially Apple. Just to make the world aware that coding is not that impossible, but an essential topic to include in the early stages of children’s education, [with] same priority as human communication language.”

After seeing Cook’s reply to her email, Hana’s parents woke her up the next morning.

“Hana, congratulations on all your impressive achievements at such a young age! Keep it up and you will do great things in the future. Fine, Tim,” read his reply.

“I was so excited to receive his acknowledgment response to my email,” Hana told Gulf News.

Her parents were relieved to read the CEO’s response, which they saw as confirmation of what she had said in her email. “She [at Apple] have the mechanism to verify the claims. There are many kids developing apps. I hope her expertise and hard work stand out at this age.” Her father, Muhammad Rafeeq, expressed his wish that his daughter’s early maturity and dedication be recognized.

He was even happier when he shared the news that Hana’s older sister, Leena Fathima, aged 10, is teaching her to code.



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