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“Sheikh Sultan Award for Youth Energies” expands the receipt of contributions

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Hana Al Hammadi (Abu Dhabi)

Hamda Rashid bin Al Sheikh, Project Coordinator at the Sheikh Sultan Award for Youth Energies, revealed that the winning participants will be honored in the third cycle of the award next year, pointing out that the award witnessed a great momentum in the number of entries, and that the door for participation remains open until December 1 next year.
She confirmed that the prize is available to citizens and residents of the UAE, both female and male, from 13 to 18 years of age.
Hamda stated that the award is divided into 4 categories, “volunteer work”, “adventure”, “skills” and “physical activities”, noting that there are some conditions to be met in each category. , provided it has a societal benefit, while the participant in the “adventure” chooses to camp in a natural place, to demonstrate his ability to deal with daily challenges.
Regarding “Skills”, the participant must document his skills, which must be among the skills approved on the award website, by submitting a certified certificate of the number of hours he has practiced his skills, while the “Physical Activities” category is corresponding to the skill category in principle and the difference between them lies only in the Selection of a specific sport from the approved list on the award website to be practiced and documented by submitting an approved certificate for the number of hours he practiced for this sport.
Hamda emphasized the importance of encouraging parents for their children to participate in the “Sheikh Sultan Award for Youth Energies” and said: The award provides an attractive environment filled with exceptional experiences based on self-challenge, which helps them discover their strengths and refine their personalities because it combines mental and physical learning, noting that the levels of the award medals, gold, silver and bronze, are promotional and their meaning is symbolic.
She pointed out that the winner of the “golden medal” must complete 40 hours in each category of voluntary work, skills and physical activities, and spend 5 days and 4 nights in the adventure category, and for the “silver medal” the participant must complete 3 sections , the first is the volunteering section with the completion of 30 hours of volunteering, the second is the adventure section that spends 4 days and 3 nights, and the third chooses between the skills section or the hobby section according to the required period. for those who receive the “bronze medal”, he only needs to complete two sections, volunteer for 20 hours and dare to spend 3 days and two nights.


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