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A donor sponsors the purchase of medical equipment for “Tayseer”

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A donor helped a seventy-year-old patient to purchase the cost of the medical equipment he needs for a period of one year, at an amount of 6,288 dirhams.

He coordinated the “hotline” between the donor and the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai to transfer the value of the financial donation to the patient’s account at Tawam Hospital in Al Ain.

The patient “Tayseer” appealed to the white-handed to help him buy medical equipment because he needed it urgently and his hand was tight.

The patient (a Palestinian, 73 years old) expressed his happiness and deep thanks to the donor, praising his position with him in light of the harsh economic and health conditions he is going through, state or outside.

The patient suffered from colon cancer and after undergoing chemotherapy he underwent surgery to remove it. The hospital emphasized its urgent need for medical tools of a special kind.

“Tayseer” told “Emirates Today”: “I had colon cancer about six years ago and underwent chemotherapy.

But the doctors decided to remove the tumor so I entered Tawam Hospital where I underwent radiotherapy and my health condition improved a lot to the extent that I regained my ability to move and walk.”

He added, “After a while, I started to feel problems in the lower part of my stomach and the doctors assured me that I would need special medical tools for life, the cost of which is 524 dirhams a month.

This is an amount that exceeds my modest financial means in view of the fact that I am unable to work and the insurance card does not cover the value of these tools and I have no source of income to rely on except the help I get from my daughter-in-law, as he is the sole breadwinner for me and I cannot burden him any more. In view of the financial demands arising from the rent of the apartment, tuition fees for his children and the demands of daily life.

He said that his daughter’s husband made great efforts to help him buy medical equipment during the previous two months, but he does not know how to handle this amount in light of his need for them for life.

He continued: “I am appealing to good people and people with compassionate hearts to help me buy the medical tools I need to alleviate my suffering.”




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