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Abu Dhabi’s schools are ready to receive students

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Today, around 480 public and private schools and Sharakat training schools in Abu Dhabi receive approximately 400,000 students and 30,000 teachers.

Officials of public and private schools confirmed the readiness of the schools to receive students with the start of the school term, noting the completion of maintenance work for school buildings, ensuring safety and security measures, as well as taking preventive and preventive measures, providing masks and sterilizers, and others.

They also assured “Emirates Today” the preparation of student lists and the preparation of the school timetable in accordance with the full attendance of students in the school building, besides preparing lists of student numbers to provide textbooks to those who have not yet received them, and handing them to the students in the classroom noting that the academic staff has finished.The summer vacation period witnessed vacancies being identified to fill them before the start of the academic year.

Muhammad Jumaa, Ahmed Khalifa Hassan, Walaa Safi, Mayar Aqil and Reem Khalil said: “The new academic year is witnessing the return of attendance teaching in full and the elimination of gaps between students,” and pointed to the preparation of a proactive plan to educate kindergarten students and the first episode of preventive measures, and taking into account the precautions. Not to come into contact with their colleagues, and not to intrude during entry and exit.

They emphasized sending text messages to students’ families about the importance of recommending their children to wear masks to maintain public health, assuring them that the attendance and absence system will be adopted in classes since the first day of school.

The administrators, Muhammad Munther, Amal Ibrahim, Fadia Al Balushi and Khawla Seif, stated that plans to receive students on the first day of study include dividing students into two categories, under 12 and over 12, to prevent overcrowding. , and to ensure that the “PCR” exam is completed. » For older students.

The Ministry of Education, for its part, confirmed that the new academic year will see students being given the opportunity to enroll in personal tuition, including those who are not vaccinated for health reasons or who are excluded from vaccination.

She also confirmed the cancellation of the thermo exam for students and staff, provided that anyone who feels a high temperature is obliged not to come to the educational site, on the condition of obtaining a sick note if the result is negative, and canceling the distance of physical separation within educational facilities, leaving it to the discretion of its departments, while maintaining the obligation to wear a mask. Inside enclosed spaces, bus drivers and supervisors follow safety procedures.

The ministry stated that the national protocol for the operation of educational facilities for the academic year 2022-2023 guarantees the preservation of the state’s great successes in addressing the “Covid-19” pandemic, as the updated protocol requires students aged 12 and above, administrative and educational staff and service providers to obtain On a negative result of a PCR laboratory examination lasting no more than 96 hours from the start of the first day of school, without the need for a periodic examination, as the only symptom strategy was adopted to complete the survey.

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