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Active Saudi participation in Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition

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ABU DHABI, 27th September, 2022 (WAM) — As a part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s pioneering efforts to raise awareness about sustainable hunting, the ethics of falconry, the promotion and preservation of environment and cultural heritage, many official entities and organisations and private Saudi companies are to participate in the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX 2022).

Participants will have a wonderful opportunity to showcase their objectives and strategies, launch and promote their products regionally and internationally, in addition to strengthening their presence, making deals and keeping abreast of everything that’s new and modern in the world of falconry, hunting and equestrian.

Since 2003, many companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States have been actively participating in this event, in the framework of a common interest in preserving authentic heritage values and ensuring the sustainable use of wildlife resources.

Majid Ali Al Mansouri, Chairman of the Higher Organising Committee and Secretary-General of the Emirates Falconers’ Club, praised the active Saudi participation in the exhibition since its first session, whether at the level of companies or individuals, as well as the official institutions, along with the wide participation in the various specialised artistic and literary competitions under ADIHEX, including all of its poetry recitals and traditional and heritage activities, which contribute to enriching the event and provide a major boost to the Exhibition.

He stressed that the GCC communities have always been known, since ancient times, for their fondness and deep attachment to the sports of falconry, equestrian and camel riding. He emphasised the importance of cooperation in the field of environmental protection and preservation and introducing the GCC youth to the authentic Arab customs and traditions that their fathers and grandfathers lived up to. He also commended the kingdom’s pioneering environmental and heritage efforts and its distinctive role in preserving and conserving the falconry species and heritage that the brothers in Saudi Arabia have been upholding for thousands of years.

Saudi Arabia leads the participation in ADIHEX 2022 by three key nature reserves, with the “King Salman bin Abdulaziz Royal Natural Reserve” in the forefront, the largest nature reserve in Saudi Arabia. Covering 130,000 km². The “King Salman bin Abdulaziz Royal Natural Reserve” is located in the north and northwest of Saudi Arabia. It consists of three primary conservation areas which are Tubaiq Reserve, Khunfah Reserve, and Harrat Reserve.

The King Salman Reserve has a long history, as it includes many archaeological sites and geographical terrain that were formed over the years, in addition to the diverse cultures of local communities, and valuable natural resources and habitats.

Another outstanding participant in the ADIHEX session is the “King Abdulaziz Royal Reserve Development Authority” (KARNR), established in 2018 with the aim of conserving plant and animal species. The reserve is located in the Riyadh region and area of 28,136 km². The reserve also includes the Rawdat Tanahat, Al-Khafs, and their adjacent areas. Hunting, pollution, firewood-gathering, and overgrazing are prohibited in the reserve to preserve and increase the vegetation cover and restore the biodiversity of endemic, fragile and endangered species.

The “Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Reserve” (ITBA) from Saudi Arabia also participates in the “Preservation of the Environment and Cultural Heritage” sector. It is a global reserve and a unique eco-tourism destination due to its rich heritage and beautiful landscape.

In the “Outdoor Entertainment Vehicles and Equipment” sector, there is the Desert Stars Factory, which specialises in manufacturing high-tech recreational vehicles in the GCC region, providing travel and fishing caravans with the latest means of communication, electronics and satellite receivers, as well as providing them with the best air-conditioning and lighting facilities.

The Al Sahwa Equestrian Club is also participating from Saudi Arabia by showcasing its sports supplies, tools and accessories. In the “Hunting and Camping Equipment” sector, Blue Power is strongly present, in addition to the presence and representation of leading brands such as “Al Remaya”, “Al Sunaidi”, “Al Qadi” and “Barq Al Hayah Travel Supplies” and “National Polyethylene Company”. As for the “Arts and Handicrafts” sector, the participation of the Saudi Art White Contracting Establishment and the artist Hadeel bint Abdullah is evident.

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