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Aisha Al-Ansari: The words of the Ruler of Sharjah inspired me professionally

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* Media is a message based on culture, smile and humility to build bridges of communication and dialogue with the public

From a great passion for media at the College of Communication at the University of Sharjah, features of the dream of Emirati media personality, Aisha Al-Ansari, began to materialize.

At the beginning of its inauguration, Al Sharqiya TV chose Aisha Al-Ansari to be the first broadcaster in Sharjah’s leading media platform, where she expressed her great honor to serve the country and the community, inspired by the trust. in developing his career based on the words of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council, rules Sharjah.

different programs

Aisha Al-Ansari expressed the fruits of her media journey, which was represented in a number of popular programs, reserving a place for her on the agenda of the Al Sharqiya channel from Kalba, especially those programs that shed light on the lives of a group of girls and successful personalities from the sons and daughters of the eastern region who excelled and excelled in various fields of life and profession.

Aisha Al-Ansari is proud that she was at the head of the media cadre that founded the channel, which posed a challenge and insistence on her, which made her put in more effort and give, stressing that the difficulties she experienced in its beginnings, earned her a great store of advantages that refined her personality and influenced her success in acting in front of the camera lens and in visual media.

Media skills

On the nature of her work during her career in the Al Sharqiya channel from Kalba, Aisha explains that her work varied between live and documentary programs, morning and evening and in different sectors, including health, tourism and society, in addition to talk shows with officials , leaders and inspiring people from the region, in addition to presenting the program “Al Nishan” in the holy month of Ramadan for a period of three years, which is one of the most important programs of the Radio and Television Authority of Sharjah. . Aisha says: “This program has given me a lot of experience in media presentation and given me the knowledge through which I was able to break the barriers that are usually formed between the broadcaster and the camera, to enter into dialogue with different experiences personalities with multiple disciplines.”

There are many sources of inspiration in Aisha Al-Ansari’s life and she affirms that this is natural on the path to success for any human being. Life’s difficulties are ahead of her with the positive messages that they send her at every step of her step.

Humanitarian massage

Aisha emphasizes that media work is a very important humanitarian message. For his success, the media person depends on building and strengthening communication bridges between him and the public. For this communication to be of added value, the media person should be equipped with a broad culture through which he can engage in various topics and address all segments as needed, in addition to confidence and humility, which are considered the gate. to the broadcaster’s access to people’s hearts and minds.

Aisha Al-Ansari concludes with her great happiness to be the voice of the people of the Eastern Region as her profession has earned her good relations with the people of the region not only on screen but also extended to public life through their communication, interaction and encouragement.


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