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We met with Debbie, a Hynotherapist based in Dubai, who got into the trade after she lost 16kgs through hypnotherapy, to know more about the practise.

Its everything to do with your mind and usually works on referrals from people who have seen results.

Debbie said: “I took two sessions with Anna at Mind Solutions and lost 16kgs after a friend recommended hypnotherapy. That was the easiest weight I have lost. I then trained with Anna and here I am now, a certified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.”

This is a natural way to calm your mind and make the conscious and the sub-conscious mind to work together.

“Have you ever wondered why its so difficult to change a habit, for example, people already know that smoking is harmful and yet they are not able to give it up or you know you don’t want to eat the second piece of cake and yet for some reason. This is because conscious mind wants one thing while the sub-conscious mind wants another. And this is will power as they are battling it out. With hypnotherapy we are aligning the two as they want the same thing and then there’s no will power,” explains Debbie.

This therapy works on fears, stress, sleeping or weight disorders, positive thoughts and primarily anything that involves the mind.

We tried a session as well, where we felt calm and relaxed.

I was asked to sit in a comfy chair and keep my eyes closed. Debbie then started talking and  led me into a house and made me visualise things. It helped me sort out what was important to me in terms of my values and made me feel extremely relaxed.

I also received an mp3 file later on to listen to whenever I wanted to.

Its an alternative and a natural form of overcoming an obstacle in your life. If you don’t believe in medicines and want to try something natural, then most definitely give hypnotherapy a shot.



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