American University of Sharjah issued the following announcement on May 9.

Students from the Achievement Academy Bridge Program (AABP) at American University of Sharjah (AUS) were honored at the seventh AABP award ceremony held on May 7. The ceremony recognized 40 students who have made significant progress in their courses and increased their language proficiency to a level suitable for study in university-level courses taught in English. The ceremony also recognized students who have shown improvement in their personal, academic and study skills.

Speaking on the occasion, Ali Shuhaimy, Executive Director of Enrollment Management at AUS, said:

“You will now be starting a new path; you will be joining your major in a college at AUS. Having gone through the Achievement Academy Bridge Program, you now have a stronger understanding of the system and you understand what we require of you, and this will give you a smooth transition into your major studies.”

During her opening speech, Jessica March, the Director of the Achievement Academy, said:

“We’re celebrating your journey in the Bridge Program and we want to recognize you today for your dedication to your studies. As an educator I’m very proud to have been a part of your journey and to have been a part of your life of learning.”

Also present were representatives from the British Council and Amideast, as well as AUS officials and faculty members who have impacted the AABP students in one way or another.

The AABP improves student readiness for enrollment into their majors and for the rigors of an academic program of study in higher education. In addition to helping students improve their English language skills, the program also helps students prepare for university math and physics courses, and enhances students’ personal, academic and study skills to maximize the likelihood of success in their university experience.

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