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Art reveals the reality of women

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In celebration of the seventh annual Emirati Women’s Day, renowned Emirati artist and designer Ashwaq Abdullah collaborated with the Bee’ah Group to present an art exhibition under the slogan “Inspiring Reality… A Sustainable Future.”

The animated digital artworks expressed pride in the journey and achievements of women in the UAE, and the digital display featured six watercolor and pastel colors illustrating a unique aspect of the Emirati women’s journey.

Commenting on the idea of ​​the exhibition, Ashwaq Abdullah said: “I am honored to be a part of this project which gave me the opportunity to showcase my art and highlight the contribution of Emirati women. This unique exhibition on Emirati Women’s Day honors that journey , our ancestors took. These carefully crafted works of art are an attempt to highlight our achievements across different walks of life.”


The six artworks highlight the different characteristics of Emirati women and use traditional symbols to express the authenticity and cultural heritage of Emirati women.

The first artwork symbolizes the ‘struggle and responsibility’ of the diving journey and where she was obliged to take responsibility for her family, portraying the Emirati woman as a mother, teacher of generations and creator of the future.

At the same time, the third artwork shows that Emirati women are ambitious, dedicated and moderate, while preserving their heritage and highlighting the creative Emirati women as artisans.



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