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Artistic workshops to discover children’s talents

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Khawla Ali (Dubai)

Hind Al Sabousi Art Center offers art classes and workshops for children to make their summer more enjoyable and useful, starting from August 1 and lasting for two weeks. This comes as part of efforts by the community and technical centers to offer summer activities to discover children’s talents and develop and refine their skills.
Plastic artist Hind Al-Sabousi points out that artistic activities and workshops greatly contribute to providing psychological, physical and emotional benefits to the child and allow him to reveal his skills, tendencies and hobbies as he prefers and stimulate positive energy and relieve psychological pressure that he suffers during the school year.
The center offers a range of workshops including direct drawing, printmaking, coloring, learning shapes, the basics of oil painting, the art of cutting and pasting, drawing on fabrics, simple farming and the art of embroidery. The free studio includes various workshops held in the morning and evening periods and receives 25 children from 7 to 15 years old.

The effect of the courses
Hind Al-Sabousi emphasizes the importance of these courses in removing the introverted trait, feeling confident and acquiring the art of using tools and materials around him in smart and creative ways, satisfying his need for kinesthetic expression and developing his aesthetic taste by to notice, coherence and integration of colors. She introduces him to the shapes, textures, size, color and quality of things. Al-Sabousi pointed out that these workshops achieve a good attendance from children because society has become more aware of the importance of activities to develop abilities and keep them away from tablets, electronic games and the web. It also helps to make children happy when they complete their artistic tasks and make them feel proud of them.

Al-Sabousi talks about the importance of the role of parents in raising more balanced children by removing them from their virtual world so that they can discover their talents, weaknesses and strengths and encouraging them to read and learn about the experiences of others.


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