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Asma Al Hammadi gets a surprise from the paradox tree

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Saad Abdul Radi (Abu Dhabi)

The Emirati poet and writer Asma Al Hammadi excels in her writings by a touch that summarizes human action, in the form of surprise and paradox, and invokes stimuli of contemplation and reflection.
Al-Hammadi says: I write the idea and the feeling as they come, in the form they choose, and I like to try my hand at more than one literary genre, although I find myself in poetry more than others. She adds: “My ultimate ambition lies in presenting literature that touches the human psyche.”

  • Asma Al Hammadi
    Asma Al Hammadi

In addition to being a poet, storyteller and essayist, Al Hammadi is a researcher and critic who holds a master’s degree in Arabic language and literature. She has published two collections of eloquent poetry: “O Talte Mur” and “In the Face of the Wind” and two collections of short stories: “A broken wall clock,” and It’s as if she carries an ocean on her head.” She was also published by the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language, a critical book in a series of critical studies, titled: ” Naturalization and Narrative Construction in the Book of My Story” by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, where she relied on the descriptive analytical approach. At the introduction of the 183 page-long book, said Dr. Ali bin Tamim, president of the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language: Asma Al Hammadi succeeded in establishing a conscious dialogue with one of the most prominent biographies published in a book during of the third millennium.
In his first collection of short stories, “A Broken Wall Clock”, which includes 43 stories, Al Hammadi reviews human reality in a language full of phrases and sentences packed with interpretive meanings that open up to multiple readings, as well as the feminine fragrance that smells of texts such as in “Sea, stone and circles”. In other stories, the role of the writer in realizing dreams was evident, as shown in the story “Sarab”. The paradox also appears in a number of the group’s lyrics, such as in the story “A Lease Contract”, where it tends to interpret ideas by making the endings open, in addition to the symbolism of the “broken wall clock” that bears the group’s name.


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