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Austria Thanks UAE for Organizing One of the Most Successful Expos in History

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Austria Pavilion concludes participation at Expo 2020 Dubai on a strong note

Dubai- The Austrian Pavilion has successfully concluded its participation at Expo 2020 Dubai on a strong note. Throughout the global event, the pavilion attracted over 1.2 million visitors, organized a bevy of successful and thoughtful programmes and events, and won a total of seven awards and accolades for its intelligent and resource-efficient pavilion architecture.

At Expo 2020, the Austria pavilion highlighted the possibilities that exist for the world when sustainable practices are applied across key sectors. Austria used the global stage of Expo 2020 Dubai to showcase its wide range of sustainability measures in tourism, farming, mobility, and construction and put the full breadth of its creative power on display.

On the occasion, Beatrix Karl, Commissioner General of the Austrian pavilion said, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the UAE for organising the Expo 2020 Dubai at such a massive scale. Dubai, as always, has more than lived up to its name. The Expo 2020 truly united the world after the pandemic and set the stage for nations of the world to present thought-provoking, stimulating, and innovative ideas that can change our world for the better. Expo 2020 showed us that our future is rife with limitless possibilities and has yet again proved that the UAE has the ability to turn challenges into the biggest of opportunities.”

“The Expo 2020 provided an unparalleled global platform that connected minds and built bridges between the nations of the world. It has allowed for powerful innovation, and helped humanity move that much closer towards building a sustainable world where the future looks bright for the generations that come after,” she added.

Throughout the six months of the Expo 2020, the Austrian pavilion welcomed over a million visitors who were enraptured by its various programmes and experiences. The Austrian pavilion also received seven awards for its innovative and revolutionary architecture. These included the highly coveted BIE Expo Award in the Silver category for architecture – one of the most prestigious awards at World Expos. The pavilion also won the Global Architecture & Design Award 2021 in the ‘Sustainable Architecture’ category and the BLT Built Design Award 2021 in the ‘Sustainable & Energy Saving’ category. For the latter, the pavilion was also named Jury’s Favourite in Architectural Design. The Austrian pavilion also clinched the German Design Award 2022 under the category ‘Excellent Architecture – Eco Design’ – a prestigious accolade given by the German Design Council.

Austrian pavilion also received the Exhibitor’s Magazine Expo Award and grabbed the first spot under ‘Best Sustainable Design’ category. The pavilion was also nominated for the Public Choice Award and won the Austria Green Planet Building Award which was presented by querkraft, the architect-in-charge of the Austria Pavilion. The noteworthy award is given to buildings in an international setting that are dedicated to climate protection.

The remarkable Austrian pavilion that received impressive recognition for its ingenuous and sustainable design comprised of 38 geometrically arranged white cones. The design was inspired by the Arabian wind towers and featured natural building materials and a smart, low-tech approach. The structure illustrated the magnificent results that can be achieved when different cultures and minds come together. The architecture fused modern Austrian innovation with traditional Arabian building techniques. The structure was highly energy-efficient and consumed 70% less energy than conventional air-conditioned buildings of the same size in weather conditions similar to those in the UAE. It’s interiors offered balanced, pollutant-free indoor climate. Furthermore, the pavilion was operating under the motto ‘Austria makes Sense’ and offered its visitors a chance to immerse in countless experiences designed to ignite their senses.

Beatrix Karl, concluded by saying, “We are proud of the recognition that the Austria pavilion has received throughout Expo 2020. It’s truly an honour. Our experience at Expo 2020 was unforgettable in all respects.”


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