BCRemit partners with Clear Junction to provide its remittance solutions

  • Clear Junction announces new partnership with BCRemit

  • The new relationship demonstrates the effectiveness of the solutions Clear Junction can provide to companies around the world

03 12 2020: Clear Junction has recently announced it is providing a range of payments services to support the growth of BCRemit, a fintech company that provides an online money transfer service to the Philippines.

BCRemit has been established to help individuals make fast and convenient payments into accounts based in the Philippines at reasonable rates. Employing secure and proven technology is of paramount importance, as is the knowledge that when funds are sent, they will appear in the recipient’s account in as little as a few minutes.

The partnership with BCRemit is a perfect demonstration of how the solutions Clear Junction provides to remittance companies can be used to overcome the challenges associated with sending cross-border payments. The team at Clear Junction has provided access to the Faster Payments System, a British domestic clearing network which enables collection of funds in the UK, before being sent to recipient accounts in the Philippines.

As a licenced entity, Clear Junction’s offering is designed to minimise the operational and financial challenges of launching and growing new fintechs, at the same time as providing scalability to facilitate expansion. While the partnership is in its infancy, there are exciting plans afoot, which will see BCRemit expand its service offering by maximising the potential of Clear Junction’s solutions.

“BCRemit has benefited enormously from partnering with Clear Junction. Their team has been instrumental in helping us provide a disruptive money transfer service to the Philippines,” says Oliver Calma, Founder or BCRemit. “We look forward to growing our partnership as we expand our service further.”

“Clear Junction is excited to help BCRemit in ways that enable them to serve people in the UK and EU,” says Dima Kats, Chief Executive of Clear Junction. “It is one of our goals to facilitate remittances to locations around the world, including APAC and Africa, and providing BCRemit with a collection account perfectly demonstrates how effective our solutions are to this end.”

Over the course of the next six months, it is expected that BCRemit will fully integrate with Clear Junction’s APIs and make use of virtual IBANs, which they will be able to issue to their customers in the name of their business. In addition, there are discussions regarding streamlining the process even further, so that currency conversions are performed automatically and at lower cost.

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About Clear Junction

Clear Junction is a global financial company that offers end-to-end regulated electronic money and payments solutions based on proprietary in-house technology. As a member of SEPA and a partner of leading financial institutions and technology providers, Clear Junction enables businesses to gain control over their cross-border payment collection and remittance processes.

To find out more, visit www.clearjunction.com

About BCRemit

BCRemit is a London-based fintech company, with technology that provides online money transfer and value-added services via a mobile app, web and call centre. Its objective is to bring money remittance online, making it more cost efficient, secure and convenient for migrants worldwide.

To find out more, visit www.bcremit.com

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