Madaxweyne Muuse Biixi oo kaqaygalay Tartanka Miisaanka iyo caanaha Geela-Hargeysa-Somaliland
Sawirka: Af-hayeenka madaxweynaha Somaliland

Sheikh Zayid’s camel milk competition organised by Somaliland Camel Association, the United Arab Emirates and the government of Somaliland was held in the breakaway city of Hargeysa in the past two days.

Fifteen milk producing companies introduced 129 camels to participate in the competition.

Beder milk and meat company which has camel camps in Southern Somalia and Somaliland regions was announced the winner of the competition producing the highest volume of milk.

A camel representing Beder milk and meat company won the first prize producing 18 liters of milk while the second one produced 17 liters of milk.

Jaamac Cumar Cabdulle who is the founder of Beder Meat & milk company and was present in the competition told mustaqbal that the participation of the Camel Milk competition was actually important to Beder milk and meat Company, Really it was a success and a success that has been building up for the past fourteen years.

The Camel Association chairman Mustafe Ali Deeq, who spoke to Mustaqbal said, the purpose of the Camel Milk Competition was to promote the production and consumption of camel milk and camel products in the Horn of Africa nation.

Beder Meat & Milk Company was established in 2006 and it is the first company to introduce this idea of making business from camel and its products.


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