Blamm.Trade is designed to be the most friction fee trading and exchange platform for crypto- and fiat currencies.

Crypto linked prepaid debit card with high limits.

Crypto linked prepaid debit card with high limits. 2018-08-06 18:53:30

Tbilisi, Georgia August 6, 2018 (Newswire Today)

BT Services LLC is pleased to announce the creation of a new and innovative cryptocurrency exchange, at

Privately-owned fintech startup (“Blamm” or the “Company”) is an innovative and easy-to-use crypto- and fiat-currency trading and exchange platform (“Trade like a Superhero!”).

Blamm successfully closed its second and final round of financing with World Tech Sigma FZE, a Dubai tech focused venture capital fund, earlier in Q2 2018. Since closing, the Company has completed the full integration of its suite of products. Blamm will offer fiat to crypto conversions, crypto coin wallets and the Blamm Card client debit card hosted by China Union Pay. China Union Pay is one of the world’s largest payment network hosts, second only to Visa. The Blamm Card will be have a streamlined acquisition process, and be able to be charged with substantial sums of fiat currency.

Gwyn Jones, a co-founder of multi-billion-dollar NASDAQ-listed Vistaprint and newly appointed CEO of Blamm remarked: “There is an ever-growing demand for crypto-related trading and exchange. Blamm’s specialized digital currency services will cater to the needs of many. And with a high value payment card and savings on international money transfers, our additional financial services will broaden the appeal of our offer in multiple markets.”

Blamm will offer clients the ability to load client account funds via bank wire, crypto currency and major credit cards. Clients will have the ability to transfer funds onto Blamm debit cards for cash withdrawal and PoS processing. Quite simply the Company is a hassle free, one stop shop to receive and distribute stores of value from all around the globe.

About World Tech Sigma

World Tech Sigma is a global venture capital firm that invests in companies and people who turn visionary ideas into valuable and significant technology. World Tech Sigma identifies and finances young companies worldwide during their start-up phase and provides established companies with additional capital to ensure the successful execution of their expansion strategy.

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