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Boom unveils new design for supersonic Overture aircraft

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — It’s been almost 20 years since the Concorde last flew.

Since then, several companies have worked to breathe new life into supersonic travel, but that ambition has not yet materialized.

But Colorado-based startup Boom Supersonic is striving to make supersonic flight a reality again.

Almost two years after the launch of the TS’s supersonic prototype, the XB1, Boom has unveiled a major new design for the long-awaited Overture.

The aircraft is expected to carry its first passengers in 2029.

The design of the aircraft, which has been in development for several years, was revealed this week during a press conference at the Farnborough Air Show, a UK-based aviation trade event.

The updated design has not only an additional engine, but also a perimeter frame and wings for seagulls.

Overture supersonic aircraft
An image showing the rebuilt supersonic aircraft from Boom Supersonic. , plain textCredit: Boom Supersonic

The refined design is the result of approximately 26 million hours of software simulation, five wind tunnel tests and 51 design iterations, said Cathy Savitt, president and chief business officer of Boom Supersonic.

“We really had to take the time to learn, iterate and walk our course,” Savit explained to CNN.

In January, United Airlines ordered 15 of the supersonic planes, which can cover the distance between New York and London in just three and a half hours.

Japan Airlines invested $10 million in Boom in 2017, and it can buy up to 20 planes.

Boom is working hard to make this supersonic aircraft more sustainable and quieter.

Savit explained that the introduction of a fourth engine in the updated aircraft design will help with significant noise reduction, while Overture will use the world’s first automated noise reduction system.

“We’ve really focused on how to make our takeoffs and landings as quiet, if not quieter, than any other long-haul aircraft departing from any airport,” she explains.

Overture supersonic aircraft
United Airlines will be the first US airline to operate the Overture aircraft. , plain textCredit: Boom Supersonic

Savit says Boom sat with thousands of potential passengers to better understand their needs and found that the desire for sustainable speed was quite high.

“They want a new flying experience,” Savit said. “They don’t want to spend twice as much time on a flight, especially after the outbreak of Covid-19.”
Could supersonic sound be the future of travel, or is it just a distant dream that won’t really come true?

Like the Boeing 747 jumbo, which first flew commercially in 1970 and became known as the “Queen of Heaven,” Savit believes the Overture has the potential to revolutionize air travel.

“Ultimately, we want to pioneer a revolutionary change where supersonic flight becomes the preferred method of flight for humans,” she says.

“In 10 to 15 years, we expect it to be the first choice for travel because it makes a huge difference,” she added.


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