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British report: UAE is a place from the future

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The British website ABC Money, which specializes in financial and economic affairs, described the UAE as a place from the future and an ideal location for entrepreneurs, which was confirmed by the fact that it ranked first among all the countries of the world as the best. destination to start a new business, according to the latest A copy of the annual ranking issued by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the best countries in the world for entrepreneurship and starting new businesses.

A report by the website confirmed that the UAE’s willingness to keep up with the future and its leaders’ passion to anticipate it, and even foresee it, has strengthened the country’s attractiveness to entrepreneurs and businessmen. For example, the UAE government is constantly modernizing and developing its infrastructure, which appeals to businessmen living in the country and makes them insist on staying in it to run their business.

He added: The technical development that the UAE government is committed to in all its government departments and agencies and its strong orientation in recent years towards implementing the idea of ​​digital government and before that the smart government, especially in Dubai, an additional attraction factor that attracts entrepreneurs from all countries of the world to the Emirates.

The report included an interview with UAE-based businesswoman Varnosh Farziar, who confirmed that the UAE is indeed one of the best places in the world to do business as it adopts the business culture and applies it practically on the ground in a exemplary manner. Dubai in particular, in the world of business and finance, has grown tremendously over the past few years.”



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