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Cat Stevens’ new release on the way

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Yusuf/Cat Stevens is releasing his new album ‘King of a Land’, his first on the late George Harrison‘s Dark Horse Records.

Stevens told NME, “I didn’t have a plan for what this album was going to be and, in a way, I’ve been recording it for 12 years. I started recording it in Berlin in 2011, but I wasn’t happy with the tracks I laid down there. Over the years, I’ve gradually been perfecting them. I live in Dubai, where I’ve been adding details in my studio. So it’s taken a long time, but it’s benefited from that.”

He added,“I wasn’t going to let go until it’s ready and I’m very, very pleased with the results. It’s probably one of my best albums.”

Stevens also released the first single from the album, “Take the World Apart.”

He said, “I kept on feeling it was somebody else’s song. I’d play it to people, saying, ‘Who wrote this? It sounds like one of your songs’. It got put to the back of the shelf, but every song has its time. Once I found the right words, the daylight came in and that song had its chance to live. It utilizes a melody by Tchaikovsky, and I’m so pleased I can pay tribute to the first composer who inspired me.”

[Source: Classic Hits Today]


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