The Landmark Group’s multi-brand destination, Centrepoint – which comprises BabyShop, Lifestyle, Splash and Shoe Mart – has now started unveilling its ‘store of the future.’

Currently it has rolled out two new stores in Oman, one each in Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Sharjah, at the newly opened Oasis Mall, and one in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. A brand-new Centrepoint store will open in City Centre Deira. The Mall of the Emirates store is getting renovated. The one in Ibn Battuta Mall, to be unveiled in August, will be a significant step of change. The existing store network is also getting modernised.

Commenting on Centrepoint’s ‘store of the future’ concept, COO Simon Smith, said, “We always think about how to get the consumer to shop across Centrepoint and not specifically in a single brand. For this, we had to plan the transition areas to be more impactful in terms of merchandise presentation. We have had to plan a walkway that is open and clear with the use of more digital elements. After all, the retail environment is moving forward rapidly. The use of digital and omnichannel approach to retailing has opened multiple channels for consumers.”

Centrepoint’s store of the future will, thus, feature several innovation pieces. “We are putting in place backroom innovation for our footwear brand, Shoe Mart. When a customer orders from the shop floor, a member of staff will see it at the back-end and bring the product to the customer. In effect, we are ensuring that our shop floor executives can continue the conversation with the customer without any interruption. We are building our business by leveraging technology to drive convenience and enhance customer service,” Smith shared.

Centrepoint will also use RFID in its high street fashion brand Splash. “When a customer is walking in a store, whether it is in the front or back of the house, they will know where they can locate the product, ensuring complete transparency. Later on, we will introduce the RFID technology in our children’s brand, Babyshop,” Smith added.

Currently, Centrepoint is building an app for the store staff to bring in the endless aisle solution, allowing customers to access a wider selection. The app will be launched later this year. “Everything we are doing is to simplify and drive convenience for the customers, even while they are in the store,” Smith reinforced. “Centrepoint. com is a crucial element to what we are doing. We are endeavouring to bridge the online service element, by bringing it in the store. Think about it; we already have 30% click-and-collect business, which comes from online and brings customers inside the store.”


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