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Continuation of registration of productive families in the ward “Sana’a – 14”.

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The Ministry of Social Development continues to receive applications for registration and participation in the “Sanaa-14” pavilion for Emirati families produced in the Global Village for the new season 2022/2023, who have memberships in the “Sanaa” project of the Ministry and products that meet the specific requirements and conditions. It is expected that the door for family registration in the department will close on 30 August 2022.
Since the opening of the registration door for Emirati productive families in the craft wing for the next season, on May 12, the number of registration requests has reached 94, while to date the ministry has registered 2,938 productive families enrolled in the “craft “project in general.
Afra Buhumaid, Director of the Department of Productive Families Programs in the Ministry of Community Development, confirmed that the ministry will provide productive Emirati families with the opportunity to display and sell their distinctive products from home and micro-projects at the “Sanaa” pavilion, which consists of 53 shops of different production, throughout the period to open the global village its doors over a period of 6 months, according to the dates set by the Global Village Administration in Dubai. She referred to a set of controls for those intending to join the craft pavilion in the Global Village, including: (conditions of participation, product control, suite and store control, and attendance and departure control).
Afra Buhumaid said that the ministry gives priority to new participants from productive families and there is no objection to register previous participants depending on the committee’s decision, as families are allowed to display all their characteristic products, except food. Each family is allowed to participate in a separate store.
The ministry lays down a set of conditions that families intending to participate in the Global Village craft pavilion must meet, including: The applicant must be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates. He is a member of the Al-Sana’a Project and a Gregorian year has passed since the date of his joining, with some exceptions for distinguished projects. And that the age of the applicant is not less than 21 years, and for those below that, the shop will be registered in the name of the guardian with full obligation to bear the responsibility.
Those who wish to register for the “Sanaa-14” pavilion, which will be launched together with the opening of the Global Village for the 2022/2023 season, can apply online and continue the necessary procedures to meet the requirements for participation through the Ministry’s website .
During the last season of “Sanaa” in the global village, the Ministry of Community Development was able to complete and complete the electronic connection with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, the Ministry of Economy and some relevant local government agencies to achieve fast processing of transactions and requirements and improve access for productive Emirati families to the best and easiest services to achieve their commercial and financial goals.


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