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“COP 28” .. sustainable solutions – Al-Ittihad newspaper

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Confronting climate change is no longer a luxury, but rather a global necessity that requires unifying and accelerating efforts to curb this phenomenon and its negative consequences, which have become visible in certain seasons and places, and cannot continue with being overlooked, but it must rather be dealt with for the sake of the future of the earth and man.
The UAE is at the forefront of warning about the effects of climate change, being the first country to announce its initiative to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and has pursued policies and drafted legislation aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and established clean energy projects and applied artificial intelligence in manufacturing, and preserved the environment and biodiversity, as well. The country has embraced the concept of sustainability for the next fifty years in a way that maintains a balance between environment and development.
Despite the importance of the measures taken by each country to limit the effects of climate change, the UAE believes that this phenomenon needs global cooperation and solidarity to make tangible progress. Therefore, it was one of the first countries to accede to international agreements, including the Paris, Vienna and Kyoto agreements, and hosted the agency’s permanent headquarters. The International Agency for Renewable Energy organized the Abu Dhabi climate dialogue and participated in the leaders’ climate dialogue, while efforts are being mobilized to turn COP28 into climate. conference it will host next year, a platform for countries, governments and experts to meet to exchange ideas, and a real starting point for finding sustainable solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change and sustainable economic growth.


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