Tech-related disruptions has had an effect on 91% of senior-level IT and business managers globally in the past two years.

According to IT resilience firm Zerto, the findings of its sponsored IDC survey, Worldwide Business Resilience Readiness Thought Leadership Survey revealed that 82% of respondents said data protection and recovery are important to their digital transformation projects.

The report illustrates a perception gap between IT and
business decision makers regarding the importance of data availability and
success of digital transformation/IT transformation initiatives.

More than 80% of respondents indicated senior management
does not believe there is a high correlation between the quality/availability
of data and organisational success.

The survey also found that only 11.4% of respondents
indicated the highest level of IT resilience maturity.

“The resilience of business IT is under constant pressure,”
said Avi Raichel, CIO, Zerto.

“Malicious attacks and outages are causing enormous levels
of disruption, and it’s clear that for many organisations their ability to
avoid and mitigate IT-related disruption is not where it needs to be, and is
actually holding back their ability to focus on innovating.


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“IT leaders and professionals clearly understand the
pressing requirement for better resilience, and it’s to everyone’s benefit that
the momentum behind IT resilience is really building.”

The survey also found that 56% of respondents had an event
resulting in unrecoverable data loss, and the top causes of this loss were
often avoidable.

“These survey results indicate that most respondents have
not optimised their IT resilience strategy, evidenced by the high levels of IT
and business-related disruptions,” said Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC.

“However, the majority of organisations surveyed will
undertake a transformation, cloud, or modernisation project within the next two

“This illustrates the need for all organisations to begin architecting a plan for IT resilience to ensure the success of these initiatives.

“Without such a plan, the high prevalence of disruptive events, unplanned downtime, and data loss indicated by respondents will continue to put cloud and transformation initiatives at risk of delay or failure — creating a financial burden and negative impact to an organisation’s competitive advantage.”

The research also highlights that these types of disruptions
are costing organisations as 36.6% of respondents experienced a direct loss of
revenue, and 61.4% of respondents suffered either major or minor damage to
company reputation.


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