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Digital Campfires for the Arab Youth: Akhbar al Aan launches ‘3eesh al Aan Cafe’

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UAE, 25 April 2022

The region’s only independent news
platform dedicated to the youth, Akhbar al
Aan has expanded its offering with the launch of 3eesh
Aan Cafe comprising timely discussion threads where users share
experiences and seek solutions to personal problems
and challenges. 

This step is in line with
the vision of Akhbar Al Aan, aimed at spreading hope story by
story and listening to the youth in real
time while shaping the news agenda with a fresh youth-anchored perspective
every day.

Through the new platform, Akhbar
Al Aan strives to meet the needs of its audience, spread diversification,
inclusiveness, and innovation through its content while working towards
fulfilling the growing needs of social media users across the Arab region,
considering the accelerated changes in the digital world.

Akhbar al Aan is also
working towards making ‘3eesh Al Aan Café’ the leading Arabic
debate platform while using it as a tool to monitor the issues, aspirations,
and priorities of Arab youth, and develop content that addresses the concerns
of youth and is more relevant to the trends in today’s world.

Solange El Rassi, head of
Public Relations and Corporate Communication at Al Aan TV, said: “We are
delighted to present “3eesh al Aan Café” platform which is inspired by our
tagline ‘The Story Belongs to Everyone’. The new platform is the latest
addition to a series of Akhbar al Aan initiatives and projects aimed at listening
to and being influenced by Arab youth. ‘3eesh al Aan Café’ provides
an innovative platform that highlights issues of Arab youth and offers them a safe,
fully moderated interactive space to express their views and share their
thoughts and suggestions through a new concept that echoes our evolving world
in an innovative and realistic manner.”

El Rassi further asserted
that Akhbar Al Aan looks confidently on the role of ‘3eesh al Aan Café’ as the
first youth-anchored Arab discussion forum,
and as an innovative tool to support communication, meaningful interaction, and
exchange of experiences among the Arab youth as the primary audience. 
‘3eesh al Aan Café’ platform is designed to the highest standards of
confidentiality and protection of personal information in users’ accounts,
ensuring a safe experience for users and preventing trolling
behaviour that is common to social media platforms,”
she said.

El Rassi added that the
platform will soon see the development of some additional and unique features,
as work is under way to design a rewards system by assessing interaction to
encourage the audiences, to share their issues and explore new opportunities
that would provide broad prospects for the future.

‘3eesh al Aan Café’ – which
provides a variety of discussion spaces, allowing questions, topics, and issues
to be presented – mainly targets college students between the ages of 18 and
24. The platform provides a stage to ask questions, share experiences, express
views, and discuss ideas in an easy and fast manner according to the latest
digital technologies, and a tool to develop participants’ knowledge.
The new platform also offers a safe and
space to raise and discuss young people’s issues, thus
contributing to bridging the gap created by the lack of opportunities for them
to express their views and raise their voice.

Akhbar al Aan is
experiencing high view rates and followers throughout the Arab world, thanks to
the diversity of its content to meet the needs of its young
audience, as well as involving
the youth in deciding its daily news agenda with
the ultimate purpose of spreading hope and optimism among
tomorrow’s decision makers.

El Rassi concluded: “We have a
beautiful Arabic saying ‘Ask the experienced rather than the expert.’ In
this day and age, where could the youth find experienced people to seek
solutions to their most important problems? That’s function and benefit of
3eesh al Aan Cafe in a nutshell.”

To Access “3eesh al Aan Café”
platform, please visit: https://www.akhbaralaan.net/3eeshalaan-cafe/


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