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Dubai Assembly for Generative AI unites global thought leaders in exclusive sessions

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Dubai Assembly for Generative AI unites global thought leaders in exclusive sessions
Dubai Assembly for Generative AI unites global thought leaders in exclusive sessions

DUBAI, 12th October, 2023 (WAM) — Dubai Assembly for Generative AI delivered specialized AI sessions between 11-12 October bringing experts and thought leaders together to explore the transformative potential of generative AI across various sectors.
The event, organized by the Dubai Future Foundation at the Museum of the Future and AREA 2071 in Emirates Towers, hosted two days of private and technical sessions that ran alongside the main program of keynotes and panel discussions.
The sessions started with Deloitte’s ‘Minds Over Machines: Ensuring a Balanced AI Revolution in Middle East Tax and Legal Services’, which looked at the transformative role of AI in the Middle East’s tax and legal services sector. Deloitte also presented ‘Generative AI: The Case for Governments to Reimagine Sectors’ session, which discussed the potential of reimagining entire sectors like healthcare, education, and housing with generative AI; while shared insights from Formula 1 on data, analytics, and AI usage in the session ‘At Speed: Data Fuels Performance: Inspiration from Formula 1’.
Dubai Blockchain Center then held ‘Decentralized AI: Charting the Nexus of Blockchain and Intelligence’ session, while Dubai Future District Fund hosted ‘Bridging the AI Gap Workshop’, where attendees explored collaborative government-startup models, generative AI best practices, and the roles of investors and tech corporations in ethical AI. The Center also hosted other insightful sessions including ‘Generative AI Intro Course: Focused and Advanced Practical Workshop’; ‘Empowering Crypto Trading with AI-Powered Predictions’; and ‘Using Generative AI to Augment your Day-to-Day Work’, in addition to a workshop on ‘Using Generative AI for Legal Challenges’.
In ‘Futuristic Solutions Workshop: Gen AI Use Cases for Dubai Police’, Dubai Police and Microsoft presented how advanced technologies are integrated into police operations, envisioning a future where AI plays a pivotal role in ensuring public safety and security.
SAP held ‘AI and Beyond: Your Business, Reimagined’ where attendees gained insights into AI integration and digital transformation, and explored how AI can accelerate process improvements and automations in the session ‘Running your Transformation in the AI Era’. Attendees learned how AI can impact businesses and discover process issues.
QuantumBlack AI by McKinsey and Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DCAI) provided an overview of global generative AI trends and government initiatives in the session ‘Global Gen AI Trends and Government Initiatives Overview’, while it presented insights into generative AI opportunities and economic impact in the session ‘Gen AI Opportunities and Economic Impact’. DCAI also hosted a session titled ‘GenAI as a Service: Dubai Government Efforts To Speed Up AI Adoption’.
PwC hosted ‘The Rise of Open Source: LLM Deep Dive and Open Source Frameworks’, while Asiarath’s session ‘Startup in the Gen AI Space’ featured pitches by 10 startups leveraging generative AI for innovation and growth. Sumsub hosted ‘Bright and Dark Sides of Generative AI in Finance: Practical Cases and Challenges’.
The Emirates Group and QuantumBlack AI by McKinsey hosted a discussion on the potential of generative AI in the travel industry. The session ‘Exploring the Potential of Gen AI’ explored how generative AI can drive innovation in airline operations and enhance customer experiences.
BEDU’s session ‘Navigating the Future: The Transformative Potential of Generative AI and Emerging Technologies’ explored the transformative potential of emerging technologies, including generative AI, and discussed strategies to navigate this dynamic landscape.
Microsoft showcased real-world case studies and demonstrations highlighting how generative AI is driving advancements across industries in a session titled ‘Generative AI in Action: Real-World Use Cases Driving Industry Advancements’. This was followed by a session titled ‘Navigating the Ethical Landscape: Responsible Generative AI’ focused on the ethical landscape of generative AI.
Meta held ‘Exploring Generative AI Transparency: Approaches and Tools for Responsible Innovation’ focusing on transparency in generative AI.

Digital Dubai along with Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) hosted a workshop titled ‘Responsible Generative AI: Towards Systematic Ethical AI Assessment in Dubai’ that addressed the ethical implications of generative AI applications. The MBRSG also organized a policy roundtable titled ‘Towards Generative AI Universal Principles for Research and Education’ to discuss governing generative AI in research, learning, and educational systems.
A final session was hosted by Entrepreneur Middle East and Asiarath, titled ‘The Future of Learning, Work, and Investments in the Transformative Era of GenAI’.
The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI hosted over 1,800 government and tech leads, AI and emerging technologies experts, decision-makers, and academia including more than 70 speakers and 12 exhibitions.

Hatem Mohamed

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