Dubai's Chinese travellers standards

Dubai’s Chinese travellers standards

As a part of Dubai’s ‘China Readiness’ Strategy, the Dubai College of Tourism (DCT), an institution established by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), has launched the Chinese Traveller Standards, a unique programme designed to train tourist-facing staff employed across the sector in Dubai on ways of delivering personalised, exceptional experiences to Chinese visitors.

The Chinese Traveller Standards will be embedded into the Dubai Way program, one of the interactive training tools developed by DCT. Launched for tourism and hospitality professionals, the programme now caters to a wider audience of employees across a number of touch points, from hospitality and retail to the domestic transportation service.


The Dubai Way programme, which can be accessed online and on all smart mobile devices, is delivered through practical video lessons that impart standardised information and instructions, including specific modules on cultural awareness, professional and social etiquette and customer service. Those who wish to enroll are not required to take up the Dubai Way programme but will be encouraged to do so prior to registration.


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