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Dubai plastic bag charge precedes total ban within two years

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Dubai announces new tariff from 1 July

A tariff of 25 fils is to be introduced on all plastic bags handed out in shops in Dubai from July 1. This measure comes ahead of the emirate’s intent to implement a complete ban on single-use plastic bags within two years.

The Executive Council of Dubai has approved the policy as part of its wider awareness campaign aimed at changing the behaviour of consumers towards sustainable waste management and reducing the use of single-use bags.

“Sustainability has now become an imperative at the global level, reinforced by changing the behaviour of society in a way that reduces the environmental footprint of individuals,” the government-run Dubai Media Office said in a statement.

The new policy will apply to all physical stores, as well as restaurants and pharmacies, operating in Dubai, as well as ecommerce companies which deliver goods to customers.

The policy is aimed at strengthening Dubai’s sustainability objectives in line with global best practices.

More than 30 countries have already implemented similar tariffs within their territories, while a partial or complete ban has been enacted in more than 90 countries, reflecting the magnitude of international efforts to reduce the consumption of, and demand for, single-use bags.

In line with the environmental objectives set out in the UAE’s National Agenda, government entities have implemented programmes to enhance environmental protection and resource conservation.

These include an integrated waste management strategy for the emirate; reducing harmful fishing practices, such as banning the use of nets; and the enforcement of fees for waste disposal which began in January and which significantly helps reduce waste production and dumping of waste in landfills.

The Dubai Government has also invested in several projects aimed at turning waste into resources.

Furthermore, the government actively encourages the Dubai community to improve practices in sustainable waste segregation and disposal.

These waste management efforts will fundamentally promote economic, environmental, and social sustainability while building an ecosystem that preserves natural resources, and supports the adoption of a green, low-carbon economy in alignment with the Dubai Waste Management Strategy 2041, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals announced by the United Nations for 2030.


  • 400 years is the period required for plastic bags to decompose and thousands of years are required to mitigate their negative environmental impacts.
  • 86% of the dead turtles found on some of the emirates’ shores had consumed plastic materials.
  • 50% of camel deaths in the UAE are due to the consumption of plastic bags.
  • Only 50% of residents separate their home waste.
  • However 85% of Dubai residents of all nationalities, and 100% of businesses operating in the emirate, are said to support the plastic bag policy.


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