Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) hosted a meeting with key executives from leading entities in the travel and hospitality sectors.

The meeting was to discuss ways of increasing collaboration with its partners, and to emphasise the importance of aligning with, and leveraging all efforts including the hosting of Expo 2020 Dubai to achieve the goals of Dubai’s Tourism Vision 2022-25

The meetings were held between H.E. Helal Saeed Almarri, director general, Dubai Tourism and key executives from entities in the travel and hospitality sectors including Emirates, flydubai, Jumeirah, Marriot International, IHG, Al Habtoor Group, Atlantis, The Palm and Emaar Hospitality Group.

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H.E. Helal Saeed Almarri, said: “The aim of holding regular meetings with our tourism partners is to apprise them on the latest developments and trends in the global travel market, as well as provide them updates on the local industry and an overview of its performance to date. Such strategic meetings also serve as a platform to highlight the various marketing campaigns and initiatives launched by Dubai Tourism to attract more visitors to the city, further enhance Dubai’s position as a ‘must-visit’ destination and ensure that it stays at the forefront of the world’s widely recommended travel destinations. We would also like our partners to be aligned with the various developments in the industry and to take advantage of, and benefit from the diverse campaigns and all efforts that are being made to realise the goals of Dubai’s Tourism Vision 2022-25.

“The continued success of our industry is testament to the solid relationships that we have with our stakeholders and partners. With a strong focus on increasing the city’s attractiveness to global audiences, Dubai Tourism is committed to harnessing the collective strength of our partners in providing visitors not just a diversity of tourism offerings but also unparalleled experiences with the ultimate goal of making Dubai the world’s most visited city,” he added.

In discussions with stakeholders, HE Almarri also pointed out other factors that are bound to play a key role in sustaining the sector’s positive momentum, such as the strategy of using retail events as a means to attract visitors through a dedicated year-round Retail Calendar featuring festivals and events such as the ongoing Dubai Fitness Challenge and the 25th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival, which begins in December. HE Almarri stressed the importance of taking advantage of these government-driven initiatives to attract more international visitors by showcasing Dubai as the destination of choice.

The industry stakeholders were also briefed on specialised training courses initiated by the Dubai College of Tourism (DCT) including the Medyaf programme, launched in line with the Emiratisation plan of Dubai Tourism to encourage young nationals to join the tourism industry and prepare them for suitable careers in the tourism and related sectors.

Other DCT programmes that were discussed were the Dubai Expert programme dedicated to travel agents and the Dubai Way course designed for tourist-facing professionals working across various touchpoints of the tourism experience.


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