DUBAI: The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) on Saturday unveiled the Visiting Doctor Licence service, which allows the visiting doctor to work for up to three medical establishments within the DHCC, in addition the possibility to exit and enter the country as long as the visa is valid.

In addition, those physicians can sponsor their families in the country via their transferrable visas and work for the medical facilities that affiliate the DHCC.

The move aims to attract medical professionals and promote the medical tourism in the emirate.

The launch of the initiative comes in preparation for the Middle East and Africa’s largest exhibition for healthcare providers; the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference-2019 that will be held in January. It will be joined by more than 4,150 companies exhibiting their latest innovations in various areas of healthcare and more than 85,000 visitors from more than 160 countries.

The DHCC will be participating for the 15th consecutive year in the exhibition to highlight its status as a global healthcare and therapeutic tourism hub and a global destination for quality healthcare services.

To obtain the new doctor’s licence, applicants shall apply for it via Masaar Portal, where applicant’s eligibility is then examined. Once applicant receives “accepted message”, he /she can continue the procedures and get the li for the licence in record time. The service will be available on Masaar Portal on January 20, which is offered at special prices until the end of the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference on Jan.31, 2019.

The new service is available to physicians, dentists, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners to enter the UAE, and work in up to three clinical facilities within the DHCC free zone, in addition to participating in relevant conferences and events.


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