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Dubai’s entertainment facilities quickly recovered from the effects of the pandemic

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“Time” reported that entertainment facilities in Dubai, such as hotels, cafes, restaurants and others, quickly recovered from the aftermath of the “Covid 19” outbreak and the consequent closure of all aspects of activity and daily life in various cities around the world, but Dubai quickly completed this closure.

The American magazine yesterday published a special report on the scene of the entertainment life in Dubai during the time of “Covid 19” and onwards, as part of a series of periodic reports, it publishes with the title “Destination Dubai”.

The report highlighted the case of Lebanese investor Tony Haber, CEO of AddMind Hospitality, which operates a number of well-known luxury restaurants in Dubai, as an example of one of the most prominent activists in the entertainment arena, who quickly managed to lead the restaurants in his business to recover from the effects of “Covid 19”, after a brief period of suffering at the beginning of the pandemic due to the general closure, but the recovery was achieved quickly in line with the speed of Dubai’s recovery in general from these consequences.

“The first moments of the pandemic were crazy and scary,” says Tony Haber.

“But the company’s restaurants adapted to the circumstances,” he added. To keep our business afloat, my team members and I have provided delivery services from restaurants to customers in their homes, and we have also increased our social media activities to keep in touch with our customers. I believe that survival in times of crisis is the essence of creativity, and we have crossed the boundaries of creativity during the pandemic crisis. “

Tony Haber pointed to Dubai’s rapid decision to partially reduce the state of closure and to allow restaurants and cafes to receive patrons, provided that prevention and social distancing are respected, shortly after the closure was applied, which had the greatest impact on the speed of recreational recovery in emirate.



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