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Early intervention improves children’s integration opportunities in school and society

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Amna Al Ketbi (Dubai)

The Ministry of Social Development confirmed that the aim of the early childhood intervention is to support children and enable them to integrate into society in general, and to transfer them to educational integration in the schools used in the various centers of the Ministry. at state level, through the “Emirates Intervention Program. Early Childhood”, which seeks to promote and support opportunities for the integration of children on a large scale, whether this integration is within the school or society in general.
In turn, Wafa Hamad bin Suleiman, director of the care and rehabilitation department for people with determination in the Ministry of Community Development, told Al-Ittihad: The cadres working with children in the early intervention phase are working on preparing plans for the transition to integration on the fifth year of the child’s life, so that these contain The plans are based on a set of educational, communicative and social goals that facilitate the process of children’s transition to public education in the next phase, noting that the action program at this phase works with kindergartens and schools to implement the transition plans with its goals, including the child’s access to general education schools is easy and problem-free.

Wafaa bin Suleiman continued: For children who face major challenges in the early intervention phase, such as challenges in independence skills, communication or a noticeable delay in mental abilities, leading to confirmed psychological disabilities, after which the child needs major support Transfer of these children, after the early intervention phase, to centers for determined people affiliated with the Ministry of Social Development, which provide them with special educational programs supported by supportive therapeutic services such as physical, occupational and speech therapy.
She added that the decision to transfer the child from the early intervention program is a joint decision between the parent and the early intervention team, who in turn explain all the circumstances surrounding the transition and its consequences for the child. Therefore, the transition process takes place through an individual transition plan, which the early intervention team begins to design with the family six months before the move, so that it contains the goals to be achieved during the transition period.
She said that the transition plan is drawn up in coordination with the new educational environment to which the child will move. To this end, joint coordination meetings are held between the early intervention team and the team to which the child is transferred to discuss the goals. laid down in the transition plan, and the gradual preparation of the new educational environment; Therefore, the implementation of the transition plan is initiated through the early intervention program, and the work team in the new educational environment begins to participate in the implementation of the plan, whether in the phase of gradual transition or full transition.
She added: Integration environments in general education schools are the most important educational environments that children move to after the early intervention phase, as educational and social integration is the top goal behind early intervention programs, so the family must be aware of the next phase.
She pointed out that the early intervention program is keen to follow up on children who are in transition from early intervention to integration environments, to ensure their adaptation to the new educational environments and to meet any challenges, and this follow-up takes place alongside the family through the use of the pre-prepared transition plan and preparation of the environment around them, if necessary, to suit the educational needs of children, in addition to training educational staff in formulating individual educational plans and differentiated teaching for children on the basis of individual differences.


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