Cabin Crew Application Process 2018

Emirates Cabin Crew requirements are:

  • 1+ year of customer service/hospitality experience  
  • Educated to at least high school level  
  • Fluency in written and spoken English (additional languages are desirable)  
  • At least 21 years old at the time of application  
  • Minimum arm reach of 212 cms (on tip toes) and minimum height of 160 cms, which will enable you to reach emergency equipment on all aircraft types  
  • Medically fit to meet cabin crew requirements  
  • Positive attitude with the natural ability to provide excellent service in a team environment, dealing with people from many cultures  
  • As Emirates cabin crew, you will be based in Dubai and will need to meet the UAE’s employment visa requirements

Before you apply make sure you have these documents and photos ready:

  • Resume in English
  • Educational certificate (Their minimum requirements is the applicants has to have a completed high school)
  • 1 Formal full length photo
  • 1 Formal passport size photo (they mention that if you don’t have this during the application process, it is ok and that you can add this before your assessment)
  • 1 Casual full length photo
  • 1 Casual half-length photo


If you need tips about a great resume check this:


The resume sample they show in this page is great, but i advice to keep it short and sweet. Remove the summary, highlights, accomplishments and keep the rest. 

It is also important to have a resume that have various ”action words” in it to catch the attention of the recruiter and their applicant tracking system. Check this useful site for more info in regards to ”action words”:



The Emirates photo guidelines:

The link above tells you exactly what Emirates want in photos, and below are some photo examples i added so you get an idea of how the photos should look like.
Example of formal full length photo:


Example of passport size photo:
Example of casual full length photo:
Example of casual half-length photo:

Before applying check Emirates Cabin Crew career site for more info about the
company/the role/salary etc…

Application questions

During the application job question section they will ask these 2 questions: 

1 Are you willing to wear a company uniform? 
2 Are you able to work shift duties? 

Video interview

At the end of the application process there is this video interview that needs to be completed:

More info about the video interview :

Tips about the video interview:

  • Make sure to have natural light around you, better to do this video interview during morning/day time where you get the most natural light.
  • Dress professional and dont forget to smile
  • Try to keep your answers short and sweet and dont talk too fast
  • Dont forget to have excellent grooming
  • Have a warm body language
  • Make sure your webcam/voice works

Video interview questions

The questions asked during the video interview:

During the video interview everyone get asked 3 questions. These 3 questions can be pretty much about ANYTHING. Every applicant get different questions and it is
difficult to prepare what exactly they will ask. You get 30 seconds to
prepare each question and 2 minutes to answer. 

Here is a list of example questions that other applicants have received during their video interview:

  • What is it that makes your hometown special to you
  • What activities make your eyes light up with joy
  • What experiences do you expect to gain while working with Emirates
  • What was your favorite flight experience
  • What do you expect from living in Dubai
  • What do you do in your spare time
  • Why do you believe that your experience in customer service suitable for such a role
  • What do you expect of the role if you get successful
  • What is a good customer service
  • Do you feel comfortable in new environments
  • What challenges do you expect if you get cabin crew job
  • What do you know about life in Dubai
  • Can you give us an example of when you have provided excellent customer service
  • Why do you want to join emirates airline
  • Why do you want to be a cabin crew
  • How would you handle a very anxious passenger who is afraid of flying
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses

Be prepared that random questions will be asked, and not only these that is listed above!!!

After you are done with the video interview the system will bring you back to the Emirates page so you can submit your application. After it is done you should get 2 emails from Emirates. 1st email is about thanking you for submitting your Cabin Crew application and 2nd email should be about that you completed the video interview.

Submission status

Now all you can do is wait and see if you get shortlisted or not for the assessment.
Below is a submission status ”dictionary”, so you know what each status mean:
  • Application Received – You’ve submitted your application and it has passed the initial ATS screening.  It will now be shortlisted for review.
  • Completed – Nothing else is going to happen to your application.  You have not been successful on this occasion.  In the past, this status sometimes showed when the applicant had been invited to attend an Open Day.
  • Application Under Review – Your application is being reviewed by the recruitment team.  A recruiter will evaluate your resume, skills, photos and consider other factors to decide if your application should be progressed.
  • Application in Progress – As above.
  • Interview Complete – The recruitment team has simply marked on your file that you have been interviewed for the position.  There is no indication of when a final decision will be made but this status denotes that your file is open and the recruiter is actively considering you for the role.
  • Application Unsuccessful – Unfortunately, you haven’t been successful on this occasion.  This status normally triggers an automatically generated email to inform you of the recruitment teams decision.
  • Approval in Progress – Congratulations!
    You’ve been conditionally offered the job.  This status means that the
    company now has to approve all of your paperwork and medical information.
  • Joining Formalities in Progress – You’ve pretty much got the job!  Now
    the onboarding process starts.


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