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Emirates News Agency – “Dubai Opera” celebrates one million visitors .. 6 years of magic

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From / Muhammad Jaballah.

DUBAI, Aug 13 / WAM / At sunset every day, it looks like a sailing ship that has just emerged from the depths of the sea, pulsing with movement, with the most magnificent performances on board, and in its space the most famous sounds flew.

It is the “Dubai Opera” lit by the “Symphony”, the pendant chandelier with glowing lights, which contains almost 3,300 crystals, hanging in the lobby, with a majestic backdrop of the Dubai Fountain; In the shadow of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, in a very elegant and relaxing scene, six years have passed since the building which has become a destination for lovers of culture and classics.

In an enjoyable experience, the Emirates News Agency was briefed on the latest technologies and advanced technology behind the scenes of the “Dubai Opera”, the bright center of culture and art in Dubai, where around 40 workers were busy changing the decorations inside the building, which depend of wood in most of its decorations, in harmony with nature, From the ceiling, walls and seats, to coincide with the sustainability that the United Arab Emirates strives for and in an expression of the Arab environment associated with the colors of the desert.

Dubai Opera officials revealed to WAM that the month of August coincided with the sixth anniversary of the opening of the opera house on August 31, 2016, in addition to the celebration of receiving one million visitors who enjoyed 1,200 different performances of international musicals such as eg. : Marry Poppins and Le Miserable. The Phantom of The Opera, Mamma Mia and Chicago, as well as the world’s most famous opera singers: Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, Anna Netrebko, during the period that witnessed the production and hosted the most beautiful, original and exciting experiences of theatrical and musical art from Dubai and the world.

Our tour began inside the “Dubai Opera” building, designed by Danish architect Janus Rostock; Inspired by the heritage ship Al Boom and the old sailing boats, blending authenticity and modernity in a way that symbolizes the UAE’s connection to the waterfront, it is considered a masterpiece of modern design and an elegant tribute to Dubai’s maritime history through elegant wood. decoration with glass and pearls.

We listened to the theater’s hidden secrets and hidden world, behind the scenes and the captivating details of more than 20 dressing rooms, before the audience saw the story of “Romeo and Juliet”, the opera “La Traviata”, the Italian masterpiece, the performance of world-class Enrico Macias and his band, or even enjoy the jazz classics on one of the three floors of the Opera: the ground floor, the royal balcony or the “upper” Grand Circle.

Dubai Opera has the ability to transform its curved theater into a unique flat floor space in just 12 hours. It is ideal for events, fashion shows, product launches, exhibitions etc.

Dubai Opera Theater invites you to unleash your passion with its unique capacity for transformation, and this fluid flexibility enables Dubai Opera to host a variety of performances and events, including theatre, opera, ballet, orchestra, concerts, fashion shows , live entertainment, the concert hall, a series of towers and reflectors on the stage and above are designed to create an acoustic envelope around the orchestra, providing an ideal acoustic environment for fantastic sound quality.2000 people.

Dubai Opera also fascinates you with a microphone-free sound system and excellent acoustic specifications in the architecture of the acoustic theater hall. Which allows the sound reinforcement function to reach all participants with equal power and clarity.

Dubai Opera had held a competition “From Home: For Theatre” during the prohibition periods imposed by the conditions of the “Corona” pandemic with the aim of discovering creative talents in the arts, and the competition received wide attention and participation of several more than 1,000 participants, and the jury selected 8 artists, the first among them “Fatima Al Hashemi”, which is considered the first Emirati opera.

It is noteworthy that “Dubai Opera” hosted many concerts of Arab stars, as well as ballet shows and other opera performances: Aida, Carmen, Madame Butterfly, Le Bohemian and Mozart’s trilogy.

WAM/Mohamed Jaballah/Ahmed Al-Boutli


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