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Emirates News Agency – “Mohammed bin Rashid Knowledge Center” completes first phase of “Dubai International Writing Program” workshops

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DUBAI, Aug 21, WAM/ Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation is completing the first phase of workshops in the “Dubai International Writing Program”, which includes “Emirates Tomorrow” and “Dubai Future”. The workshops aim to develop and refine the writing skills of the affiliates by providing them with the correct writing methods and tools and encouraging them to excel and be creative in writing.

The workshops come as a continuation of the Foundation’s efforts through the Dubai International Writing Program to enrich Arabic knowledge and linguistic output and produce generations of young writers capable of presenting distinguished and creative literary output by providing them with tools that help them to achieve qualitative achievements in writing.

The first workshop entitled “The UAE Tomorrow The Emirates After Fifty Years” included training a number of young writers in the correct methods of writing children’s stories and introducing them to this type of literature and its elements and how to build texts with complete elements other than that. to how to formulate the idea and its relevance to the child’s world.

The workshop, which was overseen by trainer Ray Abdel Aal, is considered a group work and an intense brainstorming activity with the affiliates. The workshop also aimed to build texts that would take readers on an imaginary journey into the future of the UAE.

Trainer Ray Abdel-Aal emphasized the importance of this workshop to improve the writing skills of the affiliates by introducing them to the appropriate methods and ways of writing as well as enabling them to build integrated literary texts… and praised the pioneering role played by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation in developing the skills of young generations in the field of writing and improving their writing skills to be creative writers in the future.

Abdel-Aal stated that the “Dubai Future – Writing for Young People” workshop, supervised by trainer Islam Abu Shakir, focuses on training in writing a long story aimed at young adults with the aim of portraying Dubai’s reality and drawing features of its future scene in various fields and the changes it will witness during the next fifty years. This workshop is conducted on two levels; The first includes periodic meetings, both in person and in the virtual, and the second level revolves around daily communication and interaction through digital means of communication for this purpose.

Islam Abu Shakir, for his part, indicated that the workshop will focus on anticipating Dubai’s future, with the need to read the emirate’s present, by writing a long history on this subject that includes shedding light on the human aspect in leading any development as well as portraying the national character with its ambitions and aspirations for the future Zahir for the emirate, where all ideas will be embodied through characters and events that comply with the general conditions of the art of the novel, while noting them in the context. of the novel that Dubai’s future will be based on a solid foundation which is its present.

Abu Shakir praised the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation’s efforts to create the right climate to foster intellectual and cognitive excellence among young people by enabling them to make a qualitative leap in their writing skills and empowering them to realize their ambitions as creative writers and authors.

The workshops are the latest addition to the activities of the “Dubai International Writing Program”, which includes under its umbrella a group of knowledge projects and creative contributions dedicated to promoting knowledge movement locally, regionally and globally, encouraging and empowering young talents and creative minds in the field of writing.

Wm/ Munira Al-Sumaiti/Imad Al-Ali


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