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Emirates News Agency – Under the patronage of Sheikha Fatima .. “Family Development” approves the formation of the family media team

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ABU DHABI, September 21 / WAM / The Family Development Fund has approved the formation of the Family Media Team under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the General Women’s Union, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Supreme Advocacy for Family Development Foundation “Mother of the Nation”, and in support of the rational government’s directions and the relentless efforts of the state to promote a culture of volunteerism by investing in the talents and abilities of young people.

The idea of ​​the family media team is based on forming a social media team from the community who have a desire to contribute to the community and who also have the talent, skills and abilities in social media to support the goals and vision of the Family Development Foundation and to promote its programs and services.

The team aims to strengthen the vision and strategic goals of the Family Development Fund and shed light on some societal problems and negative phenomena in order to raise awareness of society and preserve the stability and cohesion of families, which is presented in an attractive way in a meaningful and interesting social awareness content, as the team is one of the important means of reaching the largest segment of the public. The goal and with a high focus, because it will form an integrated social unit, through which efforts will be combined and the potentials will be utilized to create targeted and direct effects.

Her Excellency Maryam Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Director General of the Family Development Foundation, said that the family’s media team, which works under the umbrella of the foundation, will undertake many tasks that push the wheel of transformation in many societal issues towards stability, through the implementation of the foundation’s plans in accordance with the Abu Dhabi Strategy and in a way that contributes to achieving many indicators aimed at increasing security and stability for all family and community members.

She indicated that the foundation will actively seek through the social media team to shed light on social issues, strengthen the spirit of social responsibility for all, expand the circle of geographical spread and reach the largest possible part of the public and limit all influencers on social networking sites accredited to serve social work, in addition to Establishing targeted partnerships with influencers to achieve the vision and ambitions of our rational governments, opening new channels to help support family stability and developing applications through social media that strengthen national belonging and focus on national identity.

Al-Rumaithi confirmed that the family’s media team will issue social awareness messages aimed at the family on social media, as well as hold meetings to discuss an issue that caught the media, come up with ideas and solutions, and form a media team to support the guidelines and vision of the Family Development Fund , which aims to invest and manage society’s energies in the best ways and promote efforts to maintain family stability, which is the cornerstone of society’s security.

She added that the family’s media team will work to strengthen the values ​​of social responsibility by engaging young people in voluntary social activity that benefits the community, deepen the concept of social and voluntary work, develop image expression skills and use them to convey positive targeted ideas and messages and provide the Family Development Fund’s archive with films and social family photos that support the Foundation’s mission and vision, and invest young people’s energy and talents to develop and develop them to strengthen the spirit of volunteerism. and community and national belonging, rationalize economic expenditure and encourage youth to work, creativity and innovation to contribute to the service of society and country.

Her Excellency touched upon the need to acquaint members of the family’s media team with the Foundation, its programs, services and events, the nature of the tasks entrusted to them, their role and responsibilities and the need to provide them with the social issues. to be highlighted, through one of the foundation’s employees, who in turn follows up and discusses all the challenges and obstacles that the team member may face during the execution of his duties in the team, as members are evaluated based on specific criteria.

Al Rumaithi explained that the Family Development Foundation aims to form a social media system, the first of its kind in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which deals with family issues. Support the member, highlight him in the media highlighting his skills, the priority of registration for workshops and obtaining invitations to events organized by the foundation, in addition to certificates of thanks and appreciation for the distinguished and certificates of participation for all members of the team, and provide the member with technical and practical experience.

In this occasion; The Director General of the Family Development Fund invited all members of the community who have a desire to contribute to the community and have talent, skills and competencies in social media to join the family media team in accordance with the rules and conditions set by the fund for to support its goals and vision and to advance its programming and services through one of the following specializations, represented in / Press editing, story or playwriting, screenwriting, social content creation, creativity and innovation in family media, social media influence, graphic design, hand drawing or digital drawing, photography, video recording, editing, acting in social art photography sessions and commentary Voice and event presentation.

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