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Empowering women with “Anotah Look” this Eid

End of Ramadan brings the joyous moments of Eid and celebrations.

This year’s four to five days-day-long festivities include dressing up, meeting with friends and family, feasting, collecting as well as giving out, and much more.

Preparing for Eid includes looking for the perfect outfit, matching accessories, and opting for the ideal hairstyle to get ready for celebration.

Anotah the vibrant and inspired Kuwaiti fashion brand is bringing elegance and sophistication with a touch modest fashion this Eid.


Anotah Eid Collection

Make each day your masterpiece.

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Don’t miss the exclusive Dalalid x Anotah High Summer collection 19 now available in the Anotah store in the Dubai Mall.

Dalalid x Anotah High Summer collection 19 is an alchemy of opulent silhouettes with gilded hue and statement prints.

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The collection’s message translated in Anotah’s latest campaign “give it Anotah Look” aims to empower women and give fashion lovers a whole new perspective inspiring them to look beyond what meets the eye.

“Our vision is to inspire woman to know there are two sides to every story and unlimited possibilities in what a woman can be. All you need is to give every situation another look” #GiveitAnotahlook

ANOTAH has demonstrated that there are women who are looking to build an arsenal of well-made fashionable and essential pieces at reasonable prices with minimal effort.

The core of ANOTAH is pushing women beyond their physical limitations in respect to the community, society and culture. Women may be mothers, daughters, students, entrepreneurs, from any realm of life and they associate with the brand for any reason, season and occasion life throws at them.


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The Anotah store in the Dubai Mall is one of the largest fashion stores in the Dubai Mall, it is dedicated to Anotah’s ladies, teens and kids’ collections, featuring new arrivals, must haves an styled outfits in line with global trends and Anotah’s unique vision of fashion, luxurious mix of richness and subtlety, extravagance and elegance.

#GiveitAnotherLook #GiveitAnotahLook


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