Everything you need to know about house cleaning services in Dubai

Do you live in Dubai? Do you want to hire a cleaning company?

You might look to book an appointment with the cleaning service provider company in Dubai. If so, then you need to consider many factors that play an important role in hiring the best suitable services for your home. The experts at CleaningCompany.AE, the Dubai’s leading provider for house cleaning services have created a list of those factors that can help you take a better decision. This article will cover what things you need to know about the house cleaning services in Dubai. So, continue reading this article, it will help you.

Here is a list of things you need to consider while choosing the best cleaning company in Dubai.

General Cleaning Services:

When you want to hire a cleaning company for general cleaning services in Dubai on an hourly basis, then it costs you around AED 30-40, where a licensed and a professional company come to your home and perform various cleaning tasks such as, floor cleaning, dusting, balcony cleaning, kitchen floor cleaning, countertops, taking out the trash, and much more., if you want a company to bring the cleaning solutions with them, then you might have to pay AED 10 per hour extra. Anyhow, it’s always better to check the market rate first before taking the final decision.

Deep Cleaning Services:

Deep cleaning is essential to keep your house in a tip-top condition. However, make sure you use deep cleaning services at least once a year, it ensures that every corner of the home is clean from all kind of dust and dirt. If you hire a company for regular cleaning but need deep cleaning services, you can ask them before, else can find a company with professional tools and approach to remove dirt from the hidden places and get shine for your home. Usually, it costs AED 500 to 550 for a one-bedroom apartment, but the price could be varied.

Mattress and Carpet Cleaning:

Do you want a professional cleaning company for a mattress and carpet cleaning?

Well, you can find a lot of professional companies in Dubai. Your carpet can be dirty with time and even vacuuming couldn’t help you get rid of dirt and germs. For this, you can hire a company which offers carpet and mattress cleanings services who use steam cleaning techniques to disinfect the carpet and so keep your mattress and sofa clean and in shape. The bad bacteria could live in the threading of a carpet and so can spread a lot of diseases. That’s why hiring a professional company is a Must.

Full-Time Maids:

Do you want to hire a full-time maid?

Well, there are two types of maids; in-home and out-home in Dubai. Yes, you can choose according to your convenience. When you choose a full-time live-in maid, you need to provide visa, a liveable space (bed, room) and cater to the day to day needs including food, internet etc. The help will perform cleaning tasks along with other tasks such as cooking and babysitting. It’s always necessary to settle all the responsibilities and tasks before confirming your deal. The usual cost for paying a full-time job maid is AED 2000-4000 per month. This includes sponsorship, lodging, food, and medical insurance. But you can opt for a live-out maid services as well. 

About Cleaning Company Dubai:

Cleaning Company is based in Dubai and provides a top-level, quality, low cost cleaning services. Cleaning company is well-versed in the sphere of cleaning and is trusted by many clients since 2014.

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