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Expo Floriad celebrates the UAE’s efforts to conserve mangroves

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The seventh session of “Expo Floriad 2022” in the Netherlands will be celebrated tomorrow during a symbolic celebration of the UAE National Honor Day, where it will focus on the UAE’s efforts to preserve the mangroves and their habitats and its strategy to preserve the climate, in conjunction with world celebrations of Conservation Day.. Ecosystem of mangroves (mangroves).

Under the slogan “Cities of Salt Water.. Where the Land Meets the Sea”, the UAE Pavilion, designed in a distinctive and sustainable engineering style, showcases the country’s efforts to tackle various natural challenges and also addresses the unique and determined journey of the people of the Emirates, through which they were able to overcome the difficulties of living between a desert and a marine environment, to build cities that are today the most sustainable and developed in the world.

UAE Ambassador to the Netherlands and Commissioner General of the State Pavilion participating in the exhibition, Jamal Juma Al Musharkh, said: “Mangroves are of great importance in the UAE and its coasts as a key element in preserving the ecosystem and helping plants and animals thrive. That is why they are called coast guards. Therefore, the celebration of the Honorary National Day of the United Arab Emirates in this exhibition in conjunction with the International Day for the Preservation of Trees and Ecosystem reflects the essence of the future ambitions of the United Arab Emirates and highlights efforts in the conservation of mangroves and the enhancement and protection of their natural habitats.”

It is noteworthy that “Expo Floriad” is one of the leading international events in the field of horticulture and gardens, which is organized every 10 years, and lifts the slogan “Development of green cities”, and continues this year until the 9th next October.

The pavilion offers its visitors a number of activities, including the green garden, which is characterized by its saline farming system with salt water, in addition to a special exhibition of halophytic plants, showing the main four types of these plants, including salicornia, quinoa, microalgae and seaweed, as well as trees The mangrove, which is characterized by the UAE as having the largest coverage of these trees in the region, in an area of ​​more than 150 square kilometers, is the reason why efforts to preserve this tree continue as one of the ways to improve carbon dioxide storage and support various efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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