Fabada Route Kicks Off with Restaurants Worldwide Participating

From February 8th through the 24th, a very special initiative will get underway around the world to celebrate the flavors of Asturias: the Fabada Route. Now in its fifth edition, more than 50 restaurants will take part by serving menus that pay homage to the bean-based stew made famous by northern Spain.

Restaurants throughout Spain as well as in Portugal, England, the US, Mexico, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic and Dubai will be participating in the initiative, which has a strong international component this year. Participating restaurants will either serve Asturian fabada or a dish made with faba beans with PGI Asturias certification as a part of their lunch or dinner menu.

Examples include Mesón Andaluz, a restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal, which will serve patata brava bombs, fabada, and custard with caramel and fleur de sal ice cream; and Seville’s Restaurant & Bar, in Dubai, which will serve another Asturian favorite, cachopo, fabada, and rice pudding.

The goal of this initiative is to promote Asturias and its catering and hospitality industry, to raise awareness about the region’s rich gastronomy, and to encourage consumption of PGI Asturias beans.

Fabada Route Kicks Off with Restaurants Worldwide Participating. Matías Costa / @ICEX


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