Hubert de Givenchy, founder of fashion giant House of Givenchy, died in his sleep on March 10th.

Established in 1952, the House of Givenchy was a hit among some of the most notable fashion icons of the twentieth century. Givenchy was famous for designing much of the personal and professional wardrobe of Audrey Hepburn and clothing for Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and had famously dressed Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Givenchy was born into an artistic Italian-French family of marquises, the Taffin de Givenchys. The eye for design was a prevalent trait in the family. His maternal grandfather was the owner of the Beauvais tapestry factory, his great-grandfather designed works for that factory and his great-great-grandfather was a set designer for the Paris Opera. Givenchy’s nephew, James de Givenchy, is a jewlery designer and founder of the family-named Taffin jewelers.

In 1981, The House of Givenchy was split into a perfume line, which went to French champagne house Veuve Clicquot, and a fashion branch that was acquired by is European multinational luxury goods conglomerate LVMH in 1989. Today, LVMH also owns Parfums Givenchy.

Givenchy retired from fashion design in 1995.


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