Fero partners with the community to transport donations across the UAE

For the Holy Month of Ramadan, Fero launched
their proactive initiative to promote the efforts of the community to
positively impact the lives of those who are less fortunate.

Fero announced
that they would be offering free transportation to foundations, charities &
NGOs for the delivery of donations to camps and charity banks across the UAE.
By recognizing that a major pain point in charitable donations today is the high
cost and severe lack of transportation facilities to ensure seamless
deliveries, Fero aimed to tackle an aspect of the donation process that is
generally not paid much attention to- logistics.

Through the launch of this community-driven
initiative, Fero was able to collaboratively partner up with several
organizations, startups and individuals across the UAE by taking care of the
trucks, the drivers, distribution and ensuring the smooth transit of these

They also partnered up with ‘Zayed Happiness
Caravan’ Initiative from Dar Al Ber Society, UAE’s oldest and leading charity
organization, by assisting them in some of their logistics requirements as and
when needed, for donations across the country. They were able to successfully donate
food, clothes & gifts to schools, public kitchens, labor camps, as well as
the transportation of leftover food for recycling.

Our biggest strength comes from the
support of our community- it is an absolute blessing to be in a country that
embraces and encourages everyone to contribute all year round. Being in this
sector for so many years, I have witnessed several pain points that the
community has come together in eradicating. We were able to partner with many
companies like FERO during this blessed month for this very purpose. And we
hope more organizations are encouraged to make similar contributions!
said Juhi Yasmeen Khan, CSR & Charity Initiatives Expert at Dar Al Ber

Fero marks the Year of Tolerance by recognizing the need for businesses and
corporations within the UAE to positively contribute to the society however and
whenever they are able to- the first Ramadan that they celebrate in the UAE has
lead to several discussions in partnering up with NGOs and charity
organizations on a long-term basis starting with the Zayed Happiness Caravan,
an initiative of Dar Al Ber Society aimed at spreading happiness among the
underprivileged section of the society, in order to provide a platform of
encouragement to donate without having to worry about the how.

truly believe that it is important for organizations to drive initiatives that
reflect the authenticity and culture of UAE’s community. We are grateful to our
partners and employees for supporting this Ramadan campaign- the responses were
overwhelming. Not just from corporations, but also from startups and
individuals that were actively making an effort to get in touch with us for
this initiative. Although we are absolutely humbled by the feedback, we
acknowledge that this should be a continued effort towards a bigger picture –
establishing the UAE as the capital for human welfare.”
– Naseer Ahmed, CO-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Fero.

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