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First fully electric car-sharing platform launches in UAE

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MOTOR, the electric vehicle car-sharing platform, has announced its arrival in the UAE. MOTOR provides access to world-leading electric vehicles (EVs) through its car-sharing platform, Motor SHARE, which offers users short and long-term options at affordable prices as part of its mission to reduce the region’s carbon footprint through responsible transportation.

Hamad AlMazrooei, Co-Founder of MOTOR, said: “As the UAE moves towards reinforcing its resolve to fight climate change through the ambitious ‘UAE Net Zero 2050’, more and more businesses and residents are looking to convert to electric vehicles. Our goal at MOTOR is not only to further accelerate the sustainable transition to EVs, but we also want to make sustainable mobility more accessible, affordable, and flexible.”

With fuel prices rising around the world and the UAE’s ambitious visions, such as ‘UAE Net Zero 2050’ and the government’s commitment to converting 20% of its fleet of government-owned automobiles to electric alternatives by 2030, there has been a significant increase in demand for electric vehicles across the Emirates.

With just a few taps, UAE residents can locate and rent MOTOR’s electric vehicles, which include the Tesla Model 3 and, soon, the Tesla Model Y, as well as other leading brands, thanks to a simple registration process on the MOTOR Share app. The platform offers valuable benefits such as complimentary parking in all public RTA spaces across Dubai, free EV charging, comprehensive insurance, and low tariffs.

In addition to accessing features of leading EVs’ cutting-edge technology and design, the MOTOR Share app includes advanced features such as the ability to cool the car before and during rides. Additional AI features, such as a ‘safety score,’ will be available soon, rewarding safe drivers and alerting those who are at risk.

The MOTOR Share platform provides car-sharing opportunities for consumers, who can rent a vehicle by the hour or for up to two years. Furthermore, customers can use the platform to display their own vehicles.

Businesses that use the platform will benefit from numerous efficiencies, including the ability to aggregate car rentals into one platform via custom mobility solutions, providing a flexible opportunity to increase the utilisation of their car rentals’ own fleet.

MOTOR plans to launch an EV subscription service and a charging network by the end of 2022, following the launch of its EV sharing platform. Furthermore, the

platform intends to implement a long-term driving award points system for unlocking rides and discounts.


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