Fitness First experience record numbers due to bespoke programmes tailored towards fitness trends

UAE residents who vowed to get fit for 2018 are sticking to the plan – despite often ditching New Year health resolutions by March.

As ever, attendance at Fitness First gyms across the country started 2018 strongly as people looked to make lifestyle changes.

But as the first third of the year draws to a close they are still high with more than above average swipe ins per week at the 41 clubs in the UAE.

And at peak days (Sunday/Monday) some classes are recording record numbers of more than 50 people wanting an intense workout to start a Friday or Saturday morning.

Alan Holl is responsible for overseeing the needs of all Fitness First member in his role as Head of Fitness and says that there been a shift to understand getting fit and healthy required commitment each and every day.

He said: “We are going through the data for the first part of this year and our members are remaining dedicated – making a trip to the gym a regular part of their lives.

“As happens each year we see that spike of people making a New Year’s resolution to get fit and Remove the negative

“But that is not happening and I think it is due to people understanding a lot more that these things don’t happen overnight. And they also understand nutrition is absolutely key and they are also coming to Fitness First for that which is fantastic.”

When it comes to the type of fitness regimes people are undertaking there has also been a shift in 2018, with a preference for bespoke programmes.

Alan added: “A lot of the traditional classes are popular but those which have really taken off are either very innovative or have an instructor who is an inspiration and treats people more as individuals. Our top classes are Zumba, RPM, BodyAttack, BodyCombat, Yoga and Pilates.

“We are responding to that by introducing a whole range of classes and services which are bespoke for modern life and the variety of people who are members.”


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