Helping companies bring their concepts to fruition is the key to meeting growing demand in the fitness apparel industry, publishes

— Reports from the retail sector point to continued growth in the global fitness apparel market with this branch of the industry expected to generate 168 billion U.S. dollars in revenue over the next few months alone. As forecasted sales surges in this realm take shape during the coming years, the number of start-ups catering to public demand is expected to expand in proportion. In response to this uptick, John Krea of FittDesign has launched the product and brand development firm’s latest line of services.

“As specialists in our field, we’ve witnessed the fitness industry’s evolution firsthand,” said Krea. “Over the years, we’ve helped numerous start-ups and established businesses alike bring new product concepts to fruition. We cover the full spectrum of brand and product design services from logo creation to product manufacturing. Our mission is to help clients bring their unique ideas to market and reach as many prospects as possible to effectively make a name for themselves in the industry.”

Among the services available through FittDesign is logo development, a process beginning with hand-drawn sketches and concluding with one-of-a-kind digitized final drafts. Insignia are created via branding and design professionals with the use of the company’s distinctive logo maker tool. Along those same lines, a range of digital marketing and ecommerce store formation services is likewise offered.

In addition to logo creation, brand promotion and online store setup, FittDesign offers an array of product design services. Included in this field are initial fashion sketches and revisions followed by converting said designs into digital form through the use of computer-aided design technology. Digital three-dimensional mock-ups are also made available as well as comprehensive tech packs required for production. FittDesign furthers the process by providing access to manufacturing services.

Concluded Krea, “We specialize in helping fitness apparel start-ups break into the industry, providing all the services they need to take their products from concept to creation and beyond. We’re also proud to offer far-reaching marketing and ecommerce solutions for our clients. We encourage anyone with an idea for a new fitness clothing line to bring their needs to us. We’ll provide fully customized services tailored to their unique requirements and help them showcase their innovations for the world to see. From expert logo design service to top-quality manufacturing, we’re an all-inclusive brand and product development team.”

About FittDesign:

FittDesign specializes in product and brand design for the fitness industry. With over 400 fitness companies serviced thus far, the company has amassed a sizable and continually expanding toolbox its experts use to the fullest benefit of clients in developing and promoting their latest products.

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