• Forbes Middle East unveils the Middle East’s top 100 startups and 50 most active investors
  • 60 startups are based in the U.A.E.  
  • Startup ecosystems in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan show signs of growth and progress
  • In the second half of 2018 so far, over 21 MENA startups have raised funding
  • Listed startups have secured over $610 million in total funding from external investors

Dubai, October 10, 2018: Forbes Middle East has unveiled 2018’s most successful startups, investors and changemakers shaping the Middle East’s business landscape. Its October issue features three lists: Top 100 Startups in the Middle East; The 50 most active investors; and 12 Up and Coming Companies.

Khuloud Al Omian, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Middle East said, “The Middle East is becoming a stronger community for both angel investors and venture capitalists. With this progress, many startups are showing significant growth, with a substantial number of businesses maturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.”  

Governments are now actively supporting the startup communities in their respective countries. The U.A.E. is considered a hub to convert ideas into innovation. The government are not leaving any stones unturned to provide their maximum support to budding entrepreneurs. Other countries like Egypt, Jordon, Lebanon are not far behind, with Jordan’s government recently launching a $98 million fund to help startups access early stage financing.

The Top 100 Startups list highlights companies offering innovative solutions to some of the major challenges faced by regional businesses and consumers. The 50 most Active Investors have been successfully identifying and funding entrepreneurial talent across the region.

For the first time, Forbes Middle East has also formed a separate list for 12 Up and Coming Companies—the businesses bagging the highest amount of funding. Investors have now increased their appetite as they continue to fund MENA-based startups that fix transit systems, insure people, facilitate e-payments and offer robo-backed investment advisory solutions. 

The complete list can be viewed at:

Top 100 startups in the Middle East

50 most active investors in the Middle East

Top 12 Up and Coming companies


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