Win a pair of tickets to the Caribbean Beach Festival this October! UAE’s early bird ticketing platform are picking two lucky winners to go with their pals to the most chilled out reggae field in town!

Caribbean Beach Festival
Caribbean Beach Festival

UREarly, established by a cohort of young entrepreneurs knew there was something missing in the ticketing industry; people have no way of knowing whether their favourite artists, events, trips or nights out had potential to not burn a hole in their pockets. UREarly is on the dot with every event that pops up in the UAE. If the events have early birds, you can rest assured they have it on their website.

UREarly already have affiliations with big name venues in the UAE such as Wadi Adventures and are close with updates from themselves. They are looking to partner with equally big organisations that handle events, should they have early bird rates.
They want to tackle the social media scene and appeal to as many people as possible on their platforms on Instagram (@urearly_uae), Twitter (@urearly) and Facebook. The competition bares a chance for newly registered folk to get their hands on a free night out (with smashing groovy music) with their loved ones.

For your chance to win , the details are here. Winners will be announced on the 2nd September on their social media handles and will be sent a confirmation email to receive the tickets. A representative from each of the two winners will have to be at a place and time (TBD) and must be ready to be photographed for our social media. Failure to attend ticket retrieval within the stated time will result in withdrawal of ticket acceptance and announcement of a new pair of winners.
Sign up with them now and you won’t believe how much cash you’d be able to save. Imagine saving up to 80% off on a concert ticket? Mad.


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